Us tubes on aqua!

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  1. Finally.

    coming soon.
  2. I just saw that yesterday. I love US Tubes.
  3. been looking at these for some time, they keep commin up on BM, can anybody vouch for their functionality/quality?
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    US Tubes has really stepped up its game, IMO there now in the top 3 with BC.

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  5. i see you advertising these guys all around, you a salesman or something? :rolleyes: but i wouldn't really say slapping a 16 arm tree perc in a beaker tube is innovative enough to be in the top 3... still sick with the 24mm joints, 9mm glass and well made percs
  6. ha yea its my 3rd post about us tubes, but im honestly loving them right now. US tubes and BC all day! Reason I like US tubes is every piece iv seen is clean as hell! welds are perfict and there super heavy. The beakers all look like they have a half inch of water in them but there jus that thick. others brands 9 mil beaks are streached out and not 9mm all the way thru.. jhawks asked if anyone could vouch for them so i told him what i thought
  7. ehh those new emblems are ugly....any1 agree?
  8. yea the other ones were more simple and better looking in my opinion
  9. they actually had them up on there site then they took them back down for some reason...either that or they sold out of what they had and pulled the stuff from the site until new product comes in.

    i think US Tubes is a pretty sick brand just based off the THICK THICK JOINT's and Seem to be high quality tubes...I really like their beakers and hope to grab one at some point just to have.

  10. i wouldn't go as far to say Top 3 :eek:
  11. yah more like top 10
  12. Not really into us tubes
  13. if you like BC check out my Thread and the new Netline to Showercap thread that Straight Purps started...Also we now have a BC Appreciation thread on GC that was started by Milky Illadelph!

  14. ok i got a little carried away... There in MY top 3 but more like top ten over all. BC is def top 3 tho!

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