US Tubes in SoCal?

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by blaznazn, May 28, 2009.

  1. After reading a few threads, I'm very interested in picking up a US Tubes artwork of my own. Which headshops in SoCal have them in stock? Also how much do they usually run for?

    Thanks in advance, guys!
  2. how socal are you? im in anaheim and I have to go to LA to find ANY UStubes
  3. Only place I have seen them is Dementia.I am very impressed by US Tubes
  4. Thanks. And how much do they normally run for at Dementia?
  5. almost every dementia carries them now (sherman oaks, north hollywood, woodland hills, west hollywood etc.)
  6. I saw a beaker 9mm for $260 guy said $240 cash.
  7. that is a good deal nick
    do you know the bore on that 9mm?
    do they only come in 50x9?

  8. They also make a 60x9mm that has a 24-18 diffy
  9. haha
    sounds beefy
    if i was to get a tube w/ abnormal joint size
    i would probably do US tubes for the fact the joint will be ridiculously thick

    does the 45x5mm come with a 18mm or 14mm joint?

    9mm would be nice to have, but i'm sure 5 or 7 will be thick enough
  10. Other than the 60x9 all other us tubes have 18mm joints with 18-14 bushing diffusors stock.
  11. thanks alot jojo

    does US tubes make 18/18 diffused downstems?
  12. Yes they do but they are very hard to find. They dont come stock on their tubes so your headshop must have them special ordered i think.

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