US to al-Qaeda, Iran, & Taliban

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  1. And the only way to "not go along with everything they want" is to make them go along with everything we want? Really? We can't just leave them the fuck alone? And defend ourselves from the INDIVIDUALS that don't want to leave us alone?
  2. Are we gonna pay an equal amount per person for the people we have killed in ours wars?
  3. [quote name='"TheJourney"']Are we gonna pay an equal amount per person for the people we have killed in ours wars?[/quote]

    No, we didn't lose. I think we did the sane to Germany after WWII.

  4. They're intending to take over the whole fucking world. Not today, not tomorrow, but in the not-too-distant future.

    If you think that this is equal to Western expansionism, fine. I'll be dead in less than 40 years, that's when things are going to get really interesting, if we let it happen - and it's beginning to look like we may.

    Maybe a terroist Muslim nut will aquire nukes, and destroy the world - I can see that happening. I gues that you'll say that we had it coming. In a sense I agree, because we should be fighting against all religious insanity now, before it's too late - but the other relgions are not going to allow it.

    Religion is going to destroy the human race, it's inevitable unless they're stopped.
  5. I want the Muslims to shed their oppressive religion and join he 21st century. I would like Afghanistan, and other countries like them, to rid themselves of the Taliban and Al Qaeda, and not be slaves to a religion that is probably the worst ever invented by mankind. We should be their partners and allies, and they could all have as high a standard of living as the industrialized world - but Islam won't allow them to do this.

    And you think that I am crazy. and "biased"? Look in the mirror before you say that.
  6. I'm so glad I put garrison on my ignore list a long time ago lol

    His posts that are quoted are enough to get a good laugh in, but not enough to get me mad haha
  7. I will further add that those insist that Islam not be criticized, are only helping to keep most of the Muslims of the world entrenched in oppression, ignorance and poverty - which is creating hostility, violence and hatred.
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    I see it's time for a history lesson.

    America started as an offshoot of Britain, a few thousand people at most. 200-odd years ago. The not-too-distant past. They sailed across the Atlantic, to what is known as North America. They killed the inhabitants, battled the British, and formed what was known as the 13 colonies. They soon began overpopulating these colonies, so they expanded across North America, killing the inhabitants and taking the resources as they went. They found gold in California, which they used to build their economy even larger, on this stolen land. They began expanding their military, where they went on to develop military bases in various countries around the world. The current base count is over 1,000. During WW2, they kidnapped a German scientist and formed what is known as NASA. They used this scientist's knowledge of advanced rocket engineering to form tools of war, which eventually lead to the hydrogen bomb. This hydrogen bomb was a nuclear device, which was used not once, but twice, on the Japanese. To this day, the United States is the ONLY country to use nuclear weaponry on people. Maybe a terrorist American nut will acquire nukes, and destroy part of the world. And they did. Already. Today, the United States is a leader in the United Nations, which applies sanctions to various parts of the world. If that isn't intention on taking over the world, I don't know what is.

    But I will agree that religion is not a good thing. But that doesn't mean go kill people and take all their shit.
  9. We could just 1% of the 700 billion a year spent on defense.
  10. If only garrison had as much disdain for collectivism as he does for religion I bet he'd be enjoyable to listen to. The world has 7 billion individuals and 0 nations....welcome to reality.
  11. I really don't give a fuck if people put me on ignore, describe me a collectivist and other incorrect names, etc. The reason I don't care is because very, very few people get what religion is all about, maybe 1% are in this category. If those of use who know it's perils continue to voice their opinions, it may help a little. Maybe in 50 years 2% will understand, 500 years it will reach 20%, etc. That's the best anybody can hope for, because the human race has been dumbed-down for the past two millennia thanks to religion. It's unlkely that our species will survive the onslaught that is coming unless we contain and defeat this madness somehow.

    Of course, this type of speech is totally forbidden in Islamic countries, and eventually that's the way it will be everywhere if it isn't stopped.
  12. The world is 22% Islamic and by the end of this century, this will increase to fifty percent.

    Good luck to your descendants, those of you who think that there's a rosy future in store for them.

    [ame=]How Islam is Taking Over The World: Islamization Explained - YouTube[/ame]
  13. ^ I won't ignore you garrison. You give threads a little more life.
  14. I'm all for ending all religions but c'mon...The Muslims are not going to take over the world. THAT belongs in Pandora's Box.
  15. Lol, garrison showing his true colors again. Hey, you're welcome man! :wave:
  16. Al queda and the muslim brotherhood and other islamic groups are completely seperate. There are many islamic groups that speak out against the radicals. Our foreign policy also instigates alot of the radical islamic attitudes throughout the world... I don't think you are getting this at all garrison, you're an old dog that can't learn new tricks.

  17. No, there's no "new tricks" - and you are the one who is not "getting this at all".

    The Muslim Brotherhood is for worldwide Islamic government, they just go about implementing it in a different way. They have had such strategies in place, with the goal of putting Sharia Law in the United States, for some time. It's interesting that the piece below was from Muslim Brotherhood think-tanks, circa 1987-1991, which was around the same time I read about Islamic goals for America in the Pakistani newspapers. As I said before, they toned it down after the bombing of the World Trade Center in 1994, even though the MB wasn't responsible for that, but their goal is still the same today as before: Islamic domination of the world.

    Regarding the Muslim Brotherhood, and their goals in the United States:
  18. [ame=]Reality Check: Is Al-Qaeda An Enemy Or Not? - YouTube[/ame]

  19. Interesting report.

    It would not surprise me at all if Islamic militants have become involved with the rebel opposition in Syria, which we are providing backing for. Obama gave them twenty five million dollars for communication equipment - not exactly a gigantic amount of money or resources, but still it's disturbing if this is true.

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