US Presedential Candidate '08

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  1. Unfortunately he isn't running anymore. Yeah Ron Paul though. :hello:
  2. Ron Paul is by far the best president out there, if you believe in the constitution.

    Here are some great videos on him:

    Ron Paul, and how the main stream media are twisting his words, and slandering him:

    Part 1
    Part 2

    Ron Paul courageously speaks the truth:

    Ron Paul stop dreaming:
    Ron Paul on the banking, economy, and the Fed Reserve:

    Ron Paul and Bill Mahr:
    I would highly recommend watching the videos starting at the top, to see just how the media is trying to make him look bad, and from this you can see how intelligently Ron Paul responds to this, and comes out the victor. Ron Paul usually uses past examples when defending his certain view points, basically he uses logic.

    I hope more people can hear his great great message of freedom.

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