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  1. How should the power of our government be changed, ie. checks and balances, etc..
  2. I think the government is getting a little too powerful. I'm not sure what should be done to fix it, but they want to control every aspect of our lives. And as several of our founding fathers have said, Those who give up a little bit of liberty for a little bit of freedom do not deserve liberty or freedom. The government keeps trying to take our freedom bit by bit and replace it with "safety." Safety like outlawing guns so that people can not protect themselves from people who do have guns, such as criminals and the military. The 2nd ammendment gives us the right to bear arms as a gaurantee that we can defend ourselves against an oppressive government (not that I'm saying ours is oppressive yet, but it's heading that direction) and the left wing liberals want to take that away. Okay, mini-rant done. discuss.
  3. Do away with the electoral college and institute democracy. Let the people DECIDE rather than SUGGEST!!!

    Adopt a policy to protect our own borders instead of crossing other's borders with bombs and heavy metal to solve problems. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of smartbomb.

    Legalize all drugs, treat the issue of abuse as a health problem, hard drug use declines, gatweay effect declines, nobody gets shot up by trigger happy DEAssholes. Result, dea budget requrements eliminated, borders are easier to secure if durgs are a domestic product, and stop giving 150 billion to columbia for militarization, also our prison population reduces dramatically.

    Now with all the money we saved, and some tax law reform, we provide citizens with healthcare, our states with federal funding, and increase the efficiency of transportation and communication infrastructure so cybercommuting and physical commuting can be done from virtually anywhere in the lower 48 and open opportunities to those who don't live in NY, Miami, or LA to compete it the desireable job market without competing in a demoralizing ratrace struggle for daily survuival and decrease the urban density of our population centers.

    Oh yeah, and shoot Bill Gates in the face and use up our surplus smartbombs on his buildings and facilities.

  4. great suggestions there toosicks...

    a few more words on international policies might be needed though.

    like primarily...

    quit arming the world so they blow each other up only to have to keep pumping trillions into the US miliatry to remove those arms at a later date.

    at least quadruple foreign aid and remove ALL military funding, remove ALL cia foreign actions and reduce cia 'action' to inteligence and inteligence alone, restructure how all funding is used, so as to create infrastructures of development benificial to the peoples of the world such as education and harmless industries.

    break all ties with ruthless dictatorships, of which there are still many.

    change position on the kyoto agreement and even augment it to make it even more effective.

    FULL corporate accountability accross the globe, so ther is no where for them to hide. all past transgressors and corporate murderers tried and tested in an international court.

    and here's the most important part which usually gets laughed down (in other circles anyway),
    THE COMPLETE LEGALISATION AND UTILISATION OF CANNABIS INDICA, CANNABIS SATIVA AND CANNABIS RUDERALIS. And a programe to correct the damages caused by US lead prohibition globally. this would mean we would also all stop using Oil and all that oil provides us with, we would stop chopping down trees for paper, we would almost completely stop producing cotton, we would start using a lees pharmacetical and more holistic approach to medicine, "coffeeshops" would open up to give the public full chance to see the lies of prohibition about cannabis and alcohol establishments would slightly reduce in number as would alcohol related crimes, cancer survival rates would improve beyond the recent trends, agricultural subsidies in 'developed' countries would stop and grants for cannabis/hemp and diversification would take their place thus allowing agricultural trade to happen on a level playing field globally, Factory workers (and others with mundane or creative jobs) would be aloud to openly smoke cannabis as a work aid as it was in many cultures for centuries, and this list could go on and on with other benifits (some which i missed out because toosicks had already pointed out).

    so once the errors of the powerful greedy few have been corrected there would be far more surplus in the budget to continue with the big important plans... the security that can only be found in the furhter exploration and expansion into space...

    perhaps initially the creation of huge orbital superstations that would act initially as hotles and then develope and grow to become "cities in the sky"
  5. people are forgetting that the government is supposed to be powerful. they are also forgetting that just because they have a personal problem with the government doesnt mean it should change for them. the only thing i would change about the government is the electoral college, which has an outdated purpose, and doesnt really represent the people in the way it should: the simple way. otherwise this system that has been in place for well over 200 years is working just fine for me
  6. Why stop with eliminating the electoral college? What if we could all remotely vote on any or all important issues? Perhaps we could even create a system designed to weed out the important from the beaurocratic. If any particular vote didn't meet a particular quotient then the issue would be passed onto state level courts. Not to mention that we should elect all judges so as to not bring politics (except for the ones passed down from the voting system) into the court system unless completely necesarry. Not to mention that it would be a way to gain a fair court system weighted towards the citizens rather than the federal govenment. Once that happened legalization would be just around the corner.
    I've always thought it would be good for any and all higher level politicians to divulge every element about their pasts and general personal lives. If someone gets to decide what happens to me on any level i want to know all i can about them, and if they deserves that privledge.

  7. but how they impliment the power is an all important debate.

    perhaps even this assumption of government needs to be challenged. this is exactly what authoritariansim craves. peoples willingness to submit all power and control to government.

  8. im not submitting to authority im submitting to a system that works. you cant possibly compare a system that has checks and balnces, and a governing body that has been elected by the people, with the exception of this president, and a ruler that can do very little without the direct consent of the governing body, to an authoratative government
  9. Well, as citizens of a supposed democracy, we're supposed to be part of the checks and balances, but when a combination of propaganda, election scandal, and the overriding power of the eletoral colege, but how much influence do we really have?

    Did you know the reason cannibis is illegal in almost every corner of the world is due to US pressure, and clauses written into treaties that do not allow other contries to legalize without violating international law? How fucked up is that?
  10. Man that's been bothering me a lot recently. By the year 2010 white people will be a minority to Mexicans. Many of these Mexicans are illegally crossing our borders and sucking the life out of our economy. I have no problem with people who legally come over and work hard but I've had several friends who have been in car accidents caused by illegal mexican immigrants who had no money and ran from the accident. Not just one instance, several. We need to really protect our own borders. We should invent lasers or something that will cut people into pieces as they cross unless they go through a checkpoint. (Yes I know that isn't very feasible but something needs to be done)
  11. As we seen in the last election, We the people do not count when it comes to voting.. The electorial voters put the president into office.. If we all voted for one person and the electorial voters wanted another person into office, We'd be shit out of luck!!!!!

    Now that I have said that.. I think we need to be a democracy for the voters and like Krazihare said, Vote on all the important issues such as war and economic spending..

    We send so much money and help to otehr parts of the world when we don't have good health care and we have children who are starving in our own country..

    We need to take care of our own before we take care of the rest of the world.. Just my opinion!!!!!!

  12. God damn straight brother.

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