US has the worst internet in basically the entire world... wonder why?

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  1. What the fuck...
  2. I think some would like for us to become a 3rd world country..just my opinion....
  3. gotta love government granted monopolies.
  4. Internet in Mexico is pretty sad.......
  5. Man what a surprise. You mean the government is the reason why we pay too much and get too little? Surprise, surprise, surprise!

    You know what we need? UNIVERSAL INTERNET ACCESS complete with a giant bureaucracy to oversee it! That should fix things!
  6. lolololol

    Yea! We just need more rules and regulations, because remember, businesses left to their own devices will try and exploit you! It's the natural condition of capitalism, we just can't let businesses do anything on their own!
  7. My internet is pretty tank at home..... pulls through at 50 Mbps, downloaded baseketball last night, took 8 mins
  8. Didnt Sweeden or one of those most progressive-nordic countries (that have very little debt, high employment, and great retirement packages), recently make internet an natural right in their constitution or something? :smoke:
  9. It greatly, greatly, depends on which market you live in. Around most big cities, and suburbs, broadband is oversold, and most people never really get over 2-3mbps internet. Certain broadband markets aren't oversold, and thus basic packages will yield decent internet, but for the vast majority of Americans, we're stuck with oversold broadband, and the problem (which this article highlighted) was that there is a severe lack of competition because of how over-regulated the market is.

  10. Oh yea, I'm still bottle necked even at the speed its pulling in at. I mean if you think about it..... if i was getting 100% of the 50Mbps i wouldnt have even seen the baseketball loading bar, it would have dowloaded in a minute or 2 MAYBE.... I think its silly when people get a T1 line for their computer has the technology to even interface at that speed...your paying for way more than you can ever get with modern tech hahahah.... You get no lag on anything tho....which is nice
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    Uhm, there are computers with the technology to interface at that speed (not even sure what speed you're referring to since T1 could mean anything faster than like 1.6 mbps). The biggest hurdle is usually getting high quality fiber optic lines ran all the way to your house.

    Also, 50 mbps usually refers to megabits per second, which isn't the same as megabytes per second since there are 8 bits per byte. I think some of this was gone over in the comment section of that article. There usually is a distinction made between MB/s and Mbps. MB/s refers to megabytes per second while Mbps refers to megabits per second. Big 'B' refers to bytes while the little 'b' refers to bits.
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    This article accurately speaks on the dangers of Net Neutrality being diminished for the outcome, of petty objectives to what the internet should be classified under. But it's pretty unexpressed as to why this makes our internet 'the worst in the entire world.'

    Whoever wrote this, doesn't even bother to back up their claims with any sources as to what countries or cities actually have better internet than us.

    I'll google some stuff later, but I'm sure that our country has plenty of independent/privately owned telecommunications providers, with first-rate (if not simply just good) quality broadband service.
  13. This. While broadband is oversold, people also don't realize that the amount of 'juice' you get from your connection is about 10 times less than you'd think, because as kstigs pointed out here, there's 8 bits per byte. This still doesn't excuse the fact that ISP's and telecom companies are sucking us dry for extremely sub-par internet.
  14. [​IMG]

  15. Thank you for refreshing me on my cisco training..... i know what a megabit is man.... and if i was pullin in the entire 50 Mbps (see the small b, that means bits..... duh.... B means bytes) i would be pullin in 365 mega BYTES per min, 3000 Mbpm (per minute) but, ha thats not whats happening, yea i do realize now T1 wasnt what i was referring to, i meant whatever that gigbit service is, people who own businesses will get it and realize they can get it at home if they are in the correct area for a cheap deal, but not as cheap as getting what i have, and they will never be able to use that much data flow from their home. But they can have it so they do just to have know what i mean lol. You dont need to be rude tho
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    FYI, there are connections that are 10000 megabits or 10 gigabits. I've even heard of 100000 megabit or 100 gigabit connections. Obviously, these connections are very expensive and require special fiber optic lines.

    I wasn't trying to be rude. :eek: Just informative.
  17. Thanks, Kylesa.

  18. I just typed such a long response about how CEO's are retarded and shit, and mozilla im not doing it again lol.
  19. Actually, not really.

    Only those knowledgeable enough would know the difference between a bit and a byte. Fortunately, the entire ISP market knows this, and have basically agreed to all advertise their speeds in the same way, as Mbit/s (megabits per second), and avoid confusing the average consumer that has a hard enough time grasping the concept of a "bit".

    Not trying to say people are ignorant, but usually when I try and whiteboard someone from a PHP webpage down to the zeros and ones, their eyes gloss over before I make it halfway through the OSI stack. :D

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