US Government ADMITS UFOs - Alien contact disclosed in Press Conference

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  1. [ame=""]YouTube - US Government ADMITS UFOs - Alien contact disclosed in Press Conference[/ame]

    Its long but worth checking out.
  2. Unfortunately, that is not the Government admitting UFOs. That is three men who served in the Air Force giving a conference on what THEY themselves witnessed. As it was a singular and personal experience (no one from their stories were there to verify) it can't be deemed as evidence in the support of UFOs. All it can be interpreted as is personal experience. The rank of these men and the position they held in the armed forces is not relevant. Anyone can make a similar claim. Granted, most people who do make claims are just shrugged off as crazy. By just serving in the military in no way validates your position more so than a man who didn't. It also doesn't make you a representative of our government. Especially considering all three of these men have retired and are no longer in the armed forces.

    To summarize (tl:dr), this is not the government admitting to anything. This is also not verifiable evidence. It was the personal experiences and stories of three men who served in the Air Force.
  3. ^^^sippin on too much haterade
  4. Nah. No haterade. It's not as if I don't believe the men. It's not even as if I think what they're saying is so far fetched. It's more just stating the facts:
    1. They aren't government officials (despite having served in our military)
    2. They're only giving us recollected stories with no verification.

    Because of those two undeniable facts, the thread title is misleading and untrue, and their stories can't be considered serious evidence until verified by our government.

    There was no hate with my post. If what I said bothered you because it challenged the notion that alien contact hasn't happened, then I apologize, but you can't expect someone not to challenge something that is so blatantly untrue. Challenging is far from hate my friend.
  5. lol yea I didnt know what to label it so I just went with the video title. But youre right, it was just those dudes confirming alien sightings, not the gov. That one guys story about the beam that landed at his feet was trippy as hell, tho...I was really baked when I watched this, that might have something to do with it too...:D
  6. the only thing wrong with this thread was the title. the video is clearly labeled as retired individuals talking on the subject of UFO's. i dont think anyone was really going to take it as these 3 were speaking for the government.

    its a good post and there should be more like it.
  7. this sort of thing happens more often than you might think, especially among people serving in the air force as well as commercial and private pilots. makes sense considering the nature of their job. if i'm not mistaken i think even astronauts have testified to having witnessed UFOs.
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    Yes, this isnt the US gov admitting UFOs. Trust me, they're fighting tooth & nail to continue to cover it up with lies. So that said, this is the next best thing to wake people up about the Reality that is UFOs. Here you have 3 retired USAF officers (one a retired Colonel - base commander) discussing their experiences with UFO shutting down US nuclear missilles!! There are some aliens who are making sure we dont kill each other.

    If you liked the first video then I highly recommend you watch this video too
  9. They abducted me mann.....
  10. If aliens are real then what the hell has SETI been doing for 50 years...

  11. SETI is about to go offline I believe due to lack of funding. But why hasnt we heard from aliens? Well it could be as simple as this, SETI is radio frequency based. If aliens we know (thru movies/tv/books/ppls account) of are space traveling fools whose technology is beyond anything you or I have ever experienced. So they are most likely beyond radio frequencies.


    They are here, right now, watching us, living with us, talking to us, walking amongst us, and we're so jaded we don't even notice them.

    Check out my thread here on another forum about the possibility of Alien Disclosure

    Who believes Disclosure about Aliens is coming soon?, page 1
  12. This shit just happened in Fort Worth tonight.

    [ame=]YouTube - FortWorthExplosions[/ame]
  13. It would be cool to shoot some aliens. Even cooler if their blood was a cool color like blue or green.
  14. I dunno if you watched the original video but it speaks of UFOs shutting nuclear missiles. So with that, good luck shooting one. I bet they can pull some X men/Matrix/Jedi shit on you

    Besides, there's no need to be violent. If you wanna see their blood I'm sure they will show you what it looks like via a picture or video, or beam the image directly to your mind.

  15. whhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaat is thaaaaaaaaaaat

  16. I really don't believe UFO's are aliens, I really want to believe there's intelligent life somewhere, but humans tend to jump to the paranormal to explain something thats really a natural occurance. I went on a wikipedia binge after I saw this thread lol, apparently 14% of all cases of UFO's in France are unsolved. UN-solved. That means 86% was either a hoax or a natural occurance. I think if there were intelligent aliens that were able to travel to earth they wouldn't beat around the bush, they would be excited to find another intelligent civilization and contact us properly.

    There was actually another release I read about when I saw this thread, the NSA released a bunch of information of radio signals being sent in patterns to the US government from an "intelligent source", which made me also think, wtf has SETI been doing if the US government heard signals and they didnt.. Doesn't make sense. But if aliens were to contact earth, I'm pretty sure that's how it would happen.

    If a civilization was 50 light years away, it would take 50 years for the message to get here and 50 years to send one back. They might have ridiculous technology compared to us, but changing the speed of light and wormholes and bending spacetime, that's no easy feat. I really don't see how they could get here. But I find it really hard to believe any civilization that might exist is more advanced than us because we are pretty god damned advanced. Life is probably one in a trillion, then the chance of that life becoming intelligent is even less..

    I'm pretty sure we're going to be the aliens if contact is going to happen :p

  17. If aliens were trying to communicate with an unknown civilization, why wouldn't they use the simplest means available, with the greatest chance of being interpreted by another group?
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    I don't think you understand something you just stated. Lets say there are 100 UFO cases. 99 are the cases are been proven to be hoaxes. 1 is true. Do the other 99 matter?

    Aliens very well may be with us right now. Well, they may have been with us since our beginning guiding us, watching over us, harming us. If there are aliens then you must understand there are good aliens and bad aliens. Good and evil, yin and yang, light and dark, it's all the same thing and a absolute fact of life. This planet we live on is about 4.6 billion years old and the universe is something like 14ish billion. I'd say a lot of worlds have a huge head start on us.

    UFO and aliens are one and the same. But they're more than just the Star Wars aliens we think of. There are many, many different species as there is also many different worlds. Some aliens reside in different dimensions than we do, like the 4th, or 5th, 6th, 7th, and so on. Some can move between dimensions at will. If you lock yourself to only our 3D world you're robbing yourself of something truly spectacular. There's so much more to the story I could write for pages and pages, but I doubt you would read any of it.

    So with this, to jog your memory, here's something to chew on. Watch these videos. Their short and fascinating. You'll be taken all over the world to ancient sites that were made by ancient man. Light up and enjoy and report back

    [ame=]YouTube - Ancient Aliens S02E01 - Mysterious Places[/ame]
    [ame=]YouTube - Ancient Aliens - S02E08 - Unexplained Structures(HQ)[/ame]

    I just found this

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