US 16 trillion in debt and counting

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  1. Well i usually try to stay away from this section just because its easy to get pissed off here. But here is a thought i had its not a left or right issue just a matter of personal speculation. The United States is 16 trillion dollars in debt and counting. Now lets get real here. All conspiracy theorys aside do you guys think that the United States is EVER going to pay off its debt. It seems to me like there is a better chance of World War 3 or even some crazy event that will change the ways of the world for ever.
  2. Its best to.come here high so you don't get mad
  3. I do not believe the debt will ever be paid off in full, for several reasons.

    Most importantly, the political climate the last century will not allow for it. It doesn't even allow for us to balance the budget.

    Secondly, the monetary policy enforced by the government means we will never be debt free. This part isn't a zeitgeisty conspiracy theory, it's just how central banking works.
  4. Of course they can pay it off... By borrowing another 16 trillion
  5. Order we can stop taxing people. That way our Monet goes to what as want Ans not bombs
  6. I read that the US has ~$176 trillion in unfunded liabilities, so I highly doubt the debt will ever be paid off.

  7. I've heard as high as 211 trillion, but I'm not even sure what is accurate anymore.
  8. I love when people are like
    "That's x$ per person"

    I'm like
    "I ain't paying shit its not my debt its stolen money used to fund things I don't agree with; and since this is a free market democracy and I have a gun I don't have to pay for government programs I feel don't apply to me"

    Sovrain citz ftw
  9. You guys calm down, they have it under control. You know Obamas plan to fix our economy? Just print more money! Money that is 100% artificial and backed up by absolutely nothing!

    Collapse is inevitable. Pumping fake money that only holds its value because of illusion into the economy will not fix anything.
  10. Thats what im saying! Thats the main reason i started this thread. I sat there and thought about how much money these politicians waste and then i thought to my self FUCK THAT im not paying an equal share of there bull shit.
  11. Amen brother
  12. To make matters worse, just look up their salaries.
  13. it's bush's fault


    tax the rich
  14. The debt won't ever be paid. The US will default in one way or another.
  15. Why do they keep raising the debt limit by tiny amounts? Is there some limit on how much they can raise the debt limit? If there is a limit then why dont they just pass a bill to change it like they do everything then raise the debt ceiling to a billion trillion quadrillion so we don't have to worry about it for a long time?
  16. the central banking system thats fake anyway?

    [ame=""]Bill Hicks - The Economy That's Fake Anyway (Clip from Zeitgeist Addendum) - YouTube[/ame]
  17. Ya its crazy. I understand that its impossible to ever completely pay back our debt to the federal reserve. But it would be easier to tell a banker or a politician "fuck you we arn't paying your bull shit" than it would be to say the same thing to a country like say China. I dont know exactly how much of our debt China actually owns but if we were to simply tell them fuck you then thats somthing they might consider going to war over.
  18. It is easier said than done though. There's obvious political reasons, but also there would be major fiscal consequences of epic proportions,and I theorize we would emerge an entire different country. The fiat currency system has ballooned up so large, it will come crashing down indescribably bad.

    Also, it's a misconception that China holds a lot of American debt. They only own like 7.5% of debt. They wouldn't go to war with us over that. The US one one of China's top export destinations, so if they cashed in on our debt, it would have negative effects for them. I don't think they'd try to go to war over with our current military strength.

    Fiat currency is dangerous.

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