Urine Fertilizer (Serious)

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  1. I'm growing outdoors, I already have ferts but I have so many more plants than I wanted, so why not experiment? haha. I read around the web, and from what i've seen: 10 parts water 1 part urine.... anybody ever try this? I'm curious to see if it works :D
  2. chemNuhgz,

    The 10:1 ratio of water to urine is the prescribed formula for using your urine as a nitrogen fertilizer. I have heard of folks diluting as much as 20:1 for younger plants so as not to burn them. You may want to source inputs for P and K, as well micro nutrients.

    I like both liquid kelp and kelp meal for K and mineral inputs. Finding a P input is a little more tricky, especially if you're going guerrilla. High P bat guano is a good choice because it doesn't attract varmints.

    Good luck and good growin'

  3. Define "works"...

    I've heard of this idea as have most people probably but have no experience..

    I just say Whats the motivation...free nutes? What is it within urine thats supposed to be so beneficial as compared to anything else?
  4. From Wikipedia on urine as a fertilizer:
    Not my first choice for a fertilizer, but it will work.

  5. Interesting info. So do you ph it or ec/tds? or is ph not even needed because its coming out of your body?

    Also I'm just speculating here but I would think the amounts of 'parts' in urine would vary depending on the specific water intake of a person..sometimes my pee is dark yellow, sometimes its clear. Obviously this would affect concentration/strength?

    It think its interesting that you have to dilute at least 8:1 when urine is already mostly water to begin with..:smoke::smoke:
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    FlyMaster I was referring to "works" as in giving a plant its basic needs for growth. I know it sounds like a dumb idea but like I stated in my OP , I have more plants than I expected, and I wanted to experiment. It's just a different thing to try. And if it worked, it'd be good for people on a budget.
  7. No, not dumb at all :) just clarifying. I've read a little about using urine just haven't been motivated to try experimenting with it yet..I'm still fairly new to growing. Might as well do something with them if you have the extra plants..

    Definitely can't argue with the low budget aspect..can't beat entirely self sufficient :D. I'm sure it feels different (in a good way) growing plants from your own fluids rather than regular ferts..like you have more of a connection with the plants, haha..I can't tell if this sounds stupid or not? Half stoned. :smoke:

  8. Have you ever seen a lawn that the dog has pee'd on? Even though urine has water in it, the uric acid/urea is very concentrated.

    If you're growing in the ground and not in pots, there's no need to pH. The microorganisms in the soil can/will shift pH as the plant's nutrient needs change.


  9. ya, you tell your boy that you used piss to water your plants...

    You'll be the only one smoking


  10. Fine with me :D More bud for me and less for my fiend friends :D
  11. That's only females dogs whom have acidic urine and can yellow and brown up the green lawn.
  12. You sure about that?
    My dog is a male and he has no problem making several yellow dead spots in the lawn from his piss
    As well as kill the bushes and flowers
  13. This is a new detail in the topic for me..are you supposed to use human urine or is urine from any animal acceptable?

    I haven't had a pet dog since I was kid so I didn't think of the spot thing..if you (human) go and pee on the lawn will it leave a spot just like the dog?

    Haha kinda sounds like a stupid question but I don't have a yard right now to test :D. :smoke::smoke:
  14. raises the chance for male plants
  15. Not true even in the slighest...i've had male dogs my whole life and every one makes dead spots....why even give advice when its so clearly not true???
  16. I know this is old but i thought i'd give an answer. Yes. it works. I used pee a few years ago on a long season sativa and it loved it . 10:1 water to urine is good. But obviously only gives nitrogen. But for a quick veg in good soil with some food already in it urine will work for a nitrogen boost
  17. I've use urine and turned out well..:)

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  18. I used powdered nutrients once, cost less than $15 and I didn't even have to urinate on my crop.

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