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  1. Hi all, just decided that with the fair amount of orange pistils turning up i would check on my OZ kush Under microscope and have found that there is a decent percentage of amber trichs, This was supposed to be a 10 week strain and seems to be ready before any of them, calyx have swelled a bit but not hugely.... any advice please? I think she will be coming down today though looking at these pics....

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  2. Don't chop, looks like you're looking at sugar leaves, those buds aren't done.

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  3. Thanks dude I will give them longer. Didn't think they had swelled much. Excitement getting to me lol

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  4. This.

    Sugar leaves aren't an accurate way of checking trichs. I made that mistake too..

    You have pistils still sticking out, I'd say you probably have 2 weeks to go. Keep it up!
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  5. Y
    Yeah, too early. Leaves have three oil glands. The big ones need to cloud up more. Their the ones , if u got good eyes, u can barely see with the naked eye.
  6. Thanks guys. Looks like they will have more time to swell cooool ill try and get some trich pics from bud but I don't really want to cut any off lol

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  7. how we lookin?

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  8. Looking good keep her going tho...

  9. Thanks mate. I checked calyx last night and they are nothing like sugar leaves. Mostly clear. Some cloudy and no amber. Noob mistake lol

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  10. Hoping they won't be too much longer as I can't keep stealing popcorn from round the bottom and have smoked the small amount of bubble I managed to make now

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  11. Looking good. Hang in there. Its almost time.
  12. Thanks mate. How much longer u think?

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  13. I still see a bunch of long white hairs sticking out, give those a chance to recede. Buds will swell up some more. You'll be happy you waited, good job man plants looking good.

  14. Thanks man. I'll keep checking trichs aswell

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  15. Slow your roll you got more then two weeks

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