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URGENT!!! Weed Brownies

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by My Buds, Mar 15, 2012.

  1. #1 My Buds, Mar 15, 2012
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    I put this into the edibles section, but nobody replied. I will get them tomorrow, so this is important. Will it keep its potency if I put it inside a plastic bag with the air sucked out, and put the bag into a mason jar? I do not have the option of putting the brownies in a fridge.
  2. store them in your mouth ;)
  3. i will ;)

    but honestly, i need a real answer. i dont want to have them lay around and lose potency(i dont care about taste/smell). i will probably store them for two or three weeks. also, if i ever pick up more, i will definitely need to know where to store them.
  4. how long will they last in a mason jar? i only need to store them for 1 week.
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    Dude just use a big ziplock container? Its food man, people store food everyday. Put the brownies in saran wrap, maybe ziploc bag with all the air out of it, then put it in ziploc containers and theyll be fine.

    And to answer your question about potency, think about all the medical dispensaries. They sell mad pot brownies and other foods and just wrap em up and store em for however long, then they sit on shelves. So basicallly you will be fine storing them for that long. A fridge would be best, but if you seriously cant than leaving them inside at room temp all stored up wouldnt be best. If youre somewhere that has some snow right now, you could the brownies in the Ziplock containers in the snow, theyll stay much fresher. Unless a bear or some shit finds them and eats all of them to the face and gets super fucking stoned and like passes out in your backyard hahhaaha.

    Edit: just saw you made two threads about this within ten minutes of each other. Chill dude its not like the brownies are gonna run off on ya haha

    Edit #2- you made 5 threads about fucking weed brownies within the last day? There are a ton of other threads, including stickies at the top of every forum, and you couldnt be bothered to read them? Hope you get banned soon. You definatelt arent older than 18 anyways so you shouldnt be on here in the first place
  6. thank you for your help! i would rather worry a bit too much than not worry at all an have "rotten brownies". also, i kept making threads because i started with a lot of questions and then after a couple of them were answered, i needed help on specific topics.
  7. Sounds more like you trolled grasscity, but a rose by any other name, right?

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