urgent vent problem

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  1. apparently im not vent savvy so id appreciate some imput.

    i got a box about 2 ft wide 4 ft long by about 7 ft tall. its got a 400w air cooled hood with a 435 cfm valueline inline pulling air through the hood out the cab. theirs 2 passive 6'' intake holes. the exhaust is also 6''. ambient temp is 75, however the cab temp rises to 90 which is causing too much stress. any ideas on how temp can be reduced?

    id appreciate any help, thanks.
  2. where are you venting to? it needs to be out of the room... best is out of the house, like the attic or out a window

    if your in flower run your lights at night when the house is cooler

    pics of your setup will greatly help

    whats the ambient air temp of your house?
  3. couldnt take a pic heres a draw layout. house temp stays around 75.

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  4. Where is your air coming from? House our outside....that little box is confusing

    A long winded explanation will work
  5. from the house. the intake and exhaust are in the same room so its pulling air from the same room its exhausting into. i dont really have any other option.
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    Would running ducting from the other end of your hood to out side your tent work? I'm thinking it would pull the air through the ducting faster therefor keeping your hood cooler and your room temps down. You gotta figure a way to get rid if the air though. They need fresh air and lots of it
  7. lol, i think i answered my own question. hot air is being exhausted into the same room the intake is pulling air from..duh!
  8. however, no attic, cant cut any holes in the walls or floor...anybody got any suggestions
  9. Buy a small a/c unit. You need something in the room to capture the heat since you cant vent it to the outside. That's the best i can come up with.
  10. You could build another small box to house the a/c unit in. Have the exhaust from you grow box as the intake for the "a/c" box. Then the exhaust from the "a/c" box could be your intake for your grow box. In effect you are making a small, closed loop system. You would probably have to figure out some way to supplement CO2 however and deal with humidity. Your easiest, cheapest way to solve this problem would be to draw fresh air from the outside and exhaust the hot air to the outside as well. But if that is not an option.......
  11. No windows in the room?
  12. what's yer box lined with? any insulation will raise temps..also mylar will raise temps a few degrees. I prefer flat white paint. No need to reflect the heat, better to let it dissipate though the walls like a heatsink. Also moving the box to a cooler area can work wonders..northern corners and basement walls are always a few degrees cooler.

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