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Urgent Please Read!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ALLDAYIDREAM420, Sep 21, 2007.

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  1. I have a drug test on Monday, I haven\'t smoked since last friday and starting this monday I\'ve been taking 750mg of Niacin daily with plenty of water. My system was pretty mucked up when i started taking it, so my question is, will I pass? The drug test is the kind where you pee in a cup and put the lid on and theres a slot where you put this card through and dip it in the piss. Is niacin really proven to clear out your system, or just give you a window of time where your clean? please reply if your knowledgable about this subject and I would appreciate the help.

  2. if it\'s that kind.. i don\'t \'think\' they\'re checking for antioxidants (someone please correct me if i\'m wrong) so umm.. load up on cranberry juice and chugging gallons of water?
  3. There\'s a million threads on this subject already. Run a search.

    EDIT: Yes, niacin will clean you out if you\'ve taken enough of it. But you have to realize that the niacin is potentially causing severe liver damage. You need about a week for it to work fully, and you shouldn\'t take it the day before your test (just drink lots of water) -- because lots of places test for niacin levels, too, to see if you\'re flushing.

    And don\'t listen to the other post in this thread. Cranberry juice does NOT work. Period. No \"ifs\" \"ands\" or \"buts\" about it. THC is stored in your fat, and only stuff that burns fat gets rid of it. Niacin works by speeding up your metabolism, unless you get the \"time release\" \"flush-free/no-flush\" or other such type where it\'s released slowly into your system, and doesn\'t cause you to turn red, itch, and burn. If you turn bright red, burn and itch when you eat your niacin, you got the right ones.
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