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Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by dr.greenthumb23, Sep 15, 2009.

  1. Just acquired some plants from a friend and there looked a little sick was wondering if anybody new what could help and / or what to do. i got some pics. i have no idea how old they are all i know is that they just began budding like two days ag and im continueing the process and want to make sure there ok. im about to transplant them into bigger pots with black gold organic soil with vermiculite and perlite so please help.[​IMG]

  2. plants look good and have definatly out grown the pots there in.

    look at the newist growth (on the top) it looks fine to me, those yellowing leaves are normal. when the whole of the leaf has gone yellow chop it off as it is no longer doing any good.

    apart from that keep doing what your doing and remember the more root space the better, so whack them in the biggest pots you got bro:smoke:
  3. Hey thanks man. im transfering them in the next day or to i gotta get some more perlite but i had to jack the potting soil from the store cause i dont have alot of money right now it was crazy jackn 3 50lb bags and almost getting caught for these babies. so just the ones that have completely turned yellow? or can i chope the ones that are part green and yellow?
  4. I wouldn't chop anything...they look pretty normal, a certain amount of yellowing just happens naturally. Transplanting during flowering will slow down or stop growth for a bit, but they definately need bigger pots. Its a calculated risk you have to take.
  5. Next time, you should consider finishing all transplanting at least a few days before initiating flowering. Other than cloning, it is the most stressful experience your plants will endure.
  6. ill keep that in mind but i got these already starrting to bud so there was nothing i could do about it

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