Urgent! Moving from Outdoor to indoor overnight!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by drpoovilleorg, Sep 11, 2009.

  1. Guys and gals, i'm in urgent need of advice. I need to move my plants from outdoor to indoor ASAP. Or cut them now....

    I'm growing on my terrace, in a condo complex. The neighbours a few buildings down are getting their roof repaired. All our roofs are connected. Today the workers decided to poke their head into my greenhouse and jack the phatest cola of my three plants which are in full flowering. I have about 2-3 weeks left of flowering before i planned to start flushing and harvesting. I'm pissed.

    The roof is still not done though, so it means the theives will be back! for sure!

    So the question is; is it even worth it to move them in now and keep trying to let them flower out? Or should i just bring them in, flush them for a few days and harvest? or just harvest them now?

    I'm concerned that the girls won't do too well once i bring them in. The environment will be so different... and we don't have anywhere we can put them that will allow me to keep any consistency with lighting, etc. I don't have any indoor growing equipment, nothing. They'd just be chilling in the corner of the room... and when we were in the room in the evening... when they expected dark, they'd have lights on... temperature would be different than they're used too.....etc...

    Please advise!
  2. Chop chop!

    If you have no concessions for growing indoors, you don't have much choice. Especially considering the fact that someone else has already raided your spot.

    No sense in further risking your security/loss/or a confrontation. Just my $.02
  3. Thanks richar0 for the $0.02. Can I move them in and start the flush cycle now? will the fact that are now out of direct sunlight affect them in a negative way, degrading their current state? There is plenty of light into the room where they will be...
  4. So I've moved them inside. Had to.

    Any helpful hints on how to close up the flower process best under the conditions and harvest?
  5. Just make sure they get as much light as possible when they're receiving light. Maintain the 12/12 schedule as best you can. Flush like mad, and let them dry out in between. Hope that helps.
  6. stop watering the last few days after your flush! the plants will freak out, think they're destined to death, and put everything they have left into making those beautiful reproductive structures =D

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