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Urgent !! Help

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by PhilyBlunt, May 11, 2011.

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  1. i plan on going to see a dr. in about a hr. to see wether or not i can be recomended medical mj.

    i have been getting migranes the past 2 weeks. ive been taking asprin for the the pain but it does not work fast enough or most of the time it makes my stomach feel realy upset.. like there is a alcaselzer in my throat... real bubbly/foamy feel

    if there is anything i can do or say that may help me get the recomendations i would appretaite it. i have always had a passion for mj but have never had medical problems that would allow me to become a patient.. in fact i have almost no medical history

    i would like to here form anyone that may use mj for headpains or your opinon on the sitution.

    please chime in as i will be leaving shorlty to see dr. thank you

    ps sorry for spelling in hurry
  2. Went to the so Called dR. an this is what they told me.

    walked in filled out all forms required, state regestraion discription of pian any mdeical background an few of there own etc. paind an notirezed. all befor i seen the dr.. i sit in lobby an witness people older than i walk in an out no problem many as long as 5 min !

    when i see the dr i descripe pain im having, explain that i have had it for few years now but only reccentyl has it beome for frequent an painfull..

    i have migranes that can effect my everyday life, many not as bad as sum but when it onsets i need to lay down usaly in dark or quiet place

    the supposed dr tells me that she can not safley reccomend me anything, !? that she reccomends i go see another dr, not specic just another dr to check if serious or not an begin possibly a medical record more or so, so she can reccomend mmj as an alternatve to whatever they can pescribe me.

    this is why im upset.

    why do i have to go another "dr", an why cant i have the choice of taking mmj as an alternative to a so called painkiller without even having to take it (painkiller).

    an why the hell did i have to pay for that Shit !
  3. ohh. i didnt actually pay for a mmj licenes or mail in a registaion.

    pretty much turnd around !!
  4. Well after attempting to sift through your garbage mound of "paragraphs and sentences".... I came to this conclusion:

    You are only trying to abuse the system (I personally don't care if you are, what ever. You're trying to beat an un-just law, I understand that.) But it's TERRIBLY simple to get a card, and if a doctor won't give you the Recommendation for it, then you obviously don't need it. I see doctors here in MI give rec's for next to nothing, so either they could tell you were only in it to get pot or you came off wrong to them.

    Either way, you can keep going to different doctors, but that's all documented.

    Good luck, I guess..
  5. I think your headaches need to be checked out by a Dr. specializing in that area. I think the jump to MMJ all of a sudden is a mistake. You might have something serious going on, like an anyeurism. If you do and it blows you could die or have a stroke. If it turns out you have non threatening headaches then use MMJ if it helps you, but there is a reason you are having these all of a sudden. I wouldn't screw with something like that.

  6. I've highlighted the real history, 2 weeks is nothing chronic.:eek:

    The Dr thought you were some pothead trying to get a get-high-card...:cool:
    You paid because you failed to think and research, those are two pricy mistakes.:rolleyes:
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