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  1. I'm looking to buy a tent and a LED light, I've had a hard couple weeks trying to decide what I want.

    I think I'm going to settle with a 3x3 tent & a 600watt LED viparspectra light.

    Planning on having atleast 2 plants.

    Hoping to achieve 4 ounces atleast.

    Is this doable & realistic? Do you think this is a good set up?

  2. If you want 2 or three plants I would go with a 4x4 tent. 1 plant could easily fill a 3x3. And led lights have a spread like a laser. They are small and pretty much shine straight down so you may want a light mover or 2 300w leds.
    Just my opinion. I'm a greenhorn/brown thumb.

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  3. +1 on the two 300w

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  4. I was thinking the exact same thing but I want a viparspectra. Because it's cheap and very very good. It also has a veg & flower switch. Amazon is out of 300watt viparspectras

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  5. You have a good setup (assuming exhaust fan with filter).
    Consider doing 4 plants for variety, and a scrog to increase yield.
    4 oz is easily achievable, especially with hydro.
    Following the Vapor Pressure Deficit chart maximizes growth. Check it out.
  6. Too small a tent for 2 plants and i would go with 1 LED over each plant. LEDs don't have reflectivity built into the hoods and coverage area is limited. Having adequate light for each plant, pruning them fot optimal bud production, giving each plant plenty of room to spread during flower and having a good understanding of the basics of tending them will get you the most weight per plant at harvest. Keepinv temps down in space also is huge.
  7. Any other opinions? Or suggestions. I plan on using scrog.

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  8. bigger is always better in tent size but what you proposed in the op is doable.
  9. What tent size do you recommend ? And what light to go with it
  10. well a 4x4 would be a little more roomy and allow another plant should u go 3 instead of 2. For lighting, I would go with either a high end COB LED set up or a PCB type LED from HLG(see threads on COB and HLG etc..) OR get a couple of MARS LED lights ad call it a day. Then you have ventilation to consider an soil or hydroponic growing. Now I am getting ahead of things now. I hope that helped
  11. What do you think about 2x 450 watt viparspectra's? In a 3x3 tent
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  12. That sounds good for 3 plants providing you don't veg them for too long. If you have the space a 4x4 would be better and they don't cost that much more. It's always better to have enough space for at least 2 fans. I have 4 fans in mine, two clip ons a rotating and a regular desk fan. They blow under and over my 3x3 scrog.

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    The problem in going up tent size is it takes way more light power to flower just another foot bigger tent. If you have the budget for the light power room is great.

    A 3x3 tent is 9 square feet. A 4x4 tent is 16 square feet. That's a big difference. A 4x4 is 75% more area to fill with light. A 5x5 is 25 squares. That is almost 60% bigger then a 4x4. That means you need 60% more light power.

    3x3's do well with a 600 watt hps or about 450 actual watts of led depending on the type. 4x4's are good at 1000 watts of hps or 700 watts of led. A 5x5 is best filled with 2 600 watts or 2 1000 watt hps. Maybe 1 600 and 1 1000.

    The best deal in led lights is kits right now. If you're buying a premade led panel and you're on a budget you're going to get outdated equipment. There's nothing out there for a reasonable price that compares to the newest leds out.

    This light will fill a 3x3 with less watts then anything on the market. This is top end components, not mystery Chinese stuff like viparspectra. I have 3k worth of led lights. This is the most impressive led I've ever seen and they're not that expensive. Worth every penny. It will save you money every month because nothing makes this much light with this few of watts.
    Horticulture Lighting Group 260 Watt Quantum Board LED Kit
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  14. Very good info Tbone! I'll keep all that in mind for myself.

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  15. Due to space, I think a 2x4x5 will work best for me. What LED should I buy? Im looking to yield around 2-3 ounces. I can get either 2 mars 300 watt leds (each 140 watts) or one 450 watt viparspectra led (200 actual watts)

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  16. For older design 3 and 5 watt single diode based panels like the old mars or viparspec you want between 35-50 watts per square foot. 2x4 is 8 squares. 40x8 is 320 watts. So, somewhere around 300 watts is going to put you in optimal bloom range light level. Two mars 300's will get you closer to the wattage mark but they're a little older design. It would be worth it to have 60-80 more watts although I'm pretty sure the mars300 is about 130 watts.

    I like having two lights over a single fixture. I run two lights in each of my grow spaces. You can change the distance between them for better spread. You can run them at different heights if you want. A single fixture is stuck to it's shape for light footprint. If one fixture fails you can still finish the crop with the other. Having two lights is twice as reliable. I would always choose that over one.
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    I already linked you the best LED you can buy for the money for that space. I'm so impressed with mine I can't stop linking them. I've never seen any led light that can perform like the qb260's for the wattage. Mine makes my 515 watt thousand dollar platinum p900 look like it's off. The quantum fixture completely drowns it out.

    I'm not exaggerating that if you got your tent setup and turned this light on you might shit your pants when you see how bright it is. It doesn't even make sense. I don't believe it can be beaten by anything in the price range. If it can I would love to know about it.
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  18. Two of them are capable of competing with 1000 watt single end hps with only about 550 watts. That's not hype either they really are.
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  19. What about 2 viparspectras? Has to be on Amazon!

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