URGENT HELP WITH EZCLONE.... White Gooey Forming everywhere...

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  1. Need help...
    Using a Sun Garden system for flourecent light with a 200watt bulb.. the room temperature is around 78 to 81F, i have the light around 3 feet aprox of height and i found out a few days ago that the babys where down and suffering when i check i see under each one a lot of white GOO forming and it clogged the pump and every corner of the inside. i Flushed and cleaned it completely, fresh new water with Ph set to 5.8-6.0 and 2 days later once again still they look like dying and forming once again... I read its from the rooting gel. I cleaned it from the bottom of each plant and still it starts forming again.. Im loosing my 60 white sharks. :( any suggestions whats doing this and constantly building this goo...:(

    Any suggestion please help....:cool:
  2. sounds like the onset of root rot or your mixing your nutes incorrectly... this can cause a gel like substance..

    always mix the nute calcium first.. then the rest...

    if its possible root rot use 30% commercial grade H2O2... but make sure you post up with your instructions on the bottle you get and how you plan to use it to ensure you don't nuke your plant

    make sure there is no light hitting the rootzone... cover the top of your plant some how... to ensure no light is getting in there

    post a pic of before and after... and of gel...

    good luck man
  3. Tihspeed, thanks for the input... Im using a 60 EzClone.. with water Ph around 5.8 to 6.0 with General Hydroponics Ph down, and a few drips of superthrive inside thats about it... roots look growing but theres this gooey gel that forms under the roots and the pump gets full and the water too... Today for the second time I completely cleaned and hosed it down.. unclogged the pump and cleaned everything put back water with superthrive and ph down to 5.8.. thats about it... What can be causing this.. :(
  4. ez cloners just use water with the clones sticking down into a sprayer?

    just use water... your wasting time using gels or any sort of nutes in a cloner like rumple's...

    got any pics just to make sure i have the correct cloner?
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    [​IMG] this is under the tray....
    and this other pic was first day before stress....
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    Just use water....nothing else....read rumples thread in the diy section about building a cloner...he gives pros and cons about how to use a cloner....

    Get the temp of your water in there....I'm fairly certain that might be part of your problem....lemme know what you come up with

    Oh.....and get your pics off photo bucket....they go threw your photos....your also violating their rules....host your pics here on GC

  7. get rid of the gel
  8. How can i do this?
  9. Finally got it fixed!!! Cleaned and flushed completely the ez and cleaned the pump and with the younglings I scraped them and cut them a lil shorter! Now they are ready to transplant! Thanks for the help

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