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  1. Hey can anybody tell me, I have a cutting from a plant about an hour ago but can't get it home until tomorrow will it be ok with the stem wrapped in a wet cloth until tomorrow ( had to leave it in the car) please I really don't want it to die... Thanks
  2. should be fine as long as it is kept moist and cool, and not crushed. In a fridge would be good. When you get home, pop it in a cup of ph'd water for 30 minutes, re-cut it under water, and business as usual.
  3. It's hard to say without observing all conditions but it's certainly possible. You'd want it in a humidity chamber as well; something that keeps the moisture in but still has openings for air. You also want to avoid cooking it in a hot place like your car.

    When you get it home, recut the stem at an angle either underwater or in liquid rooting hormone immediately before planting in the cloning chamber.
  4. Ok so i got this reply to late, I ended up coming home and potting it last night.. Soaked in water first then applied rooting gel and planted into soil ( don't have a cloning chamber but will cover with a clear plastic tub for now.) it was mentioned that i should recur the stem before applying the rooting gel then plant.. I didn't recut is it too late to take it out and recut it, it's been in the soil for 12 hours or there abouts??? Thanks again for any help
  5. How's your plant looking? Has it wilted much at this point?? It may stress out the plant a little bit if the roots have started, but I'd think you'd be able to pull it up and check. If they haven't started, which I wouldn't think you'd have anything going quite yet.. I'd personally re-cut under water, apply the gel and throw that baby into a root starter.

    If you have a tub and an air stone I'd go that route. That's what my friends and I have had the most success with when trying to get clones to root. You want the end to be just above the water so the bubbles of that air stone are splashing up on it. Once you see it's starting to root then you can throw it back into the soil..

    Make sure you cut the end 1/3 to 1/2 of the leaves off and spray them down with a some pH neutral water while you're waiting for the roots to establish themselves.

    .... Okay... My bad.. I just checked the date on your post.. I'm way late. Sorry... Anyways, how'd it turn out for ya??
  6. Dead man way way dead lol got 3 seeds germinating now though and two other plants still going lol
  7. Dag yo... I'm sorry to hear that.. About the clone dying, I mean. That's good to hear about the seeds and 2 others. Are the two clones? Or did you germ. 'em? Do you have a grow journal going?
  8. One is a clone the other I germed my self and is ready in about a week or so....

    Haven't got a journal going as this is my first grow and didn't know how it was going to wind up. I'll probably start a journal next grow. You got anything on the go at the moment?

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