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Urgent. Drug Test Help...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by LivingForOnce, May 24, 2013.

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    How long will it take me to pass a drug test if I'm 5'9-5'10, 159lbs (Use to weight 187-194 when I started, lost alot of weight doing the Wii Fit 30 min steps with a 20lb vest), if I've been smoking/vaping twice daily for 7 months (mids, not even a gram since I was kinda snagging bud from my brother's stash on the low. :) Like a very small piece of a bud nugget) and if I really eat healthy now (still losing weight for a better six pack, mostly chicken salads, fruits and vegetables)? Oh, and I haven't smoked in 4 days (feels like weeks, bored as heck). I'm 23 too.

    Edit: Asking because I'm looking for a job now and want to pass if tested. If my uncle hires me to work for him then I know I'm home free but I don't wanna risk my cleansing if he doesn't have work or a spot.

    Edit2: I think my Bf is around 13% now.
  2. Bump and it's actually been 6 months (sign up here after my first smoke in November).
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    14-45 days. There is no way I can get more specific than that because everyone is different.
  4. Quick fix. Quit worrying about being clean or spending a fortune on detox bullshit

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  5. I'm 5'7, 152 pounds. Didn't smoke at all up until about the beginning of February. Smoked roughly 5 days of the week only one time a day from february to middle of april with a couple of week breaks in between that time period. I have a drug test on may 30th and the official last day i smoked was april 17th. I worked out consistently in april but have slowed down since then. I have an average metabolism. Do you think i'll pass?
  6. 2 options. The alternate pee method or the jello method
    Jello method being:
    3 hours before test
    -Drink bottle of water
    -Drink bottle of water/jello mix
    -Drink 2 bottles water
    -Drink another bottle
    -Hold that fucker in
    -Jello masks thc metabolites
    -Pass test
    2 of my friends used that, he swore by it. Its apparently not too fun though haha
    Alternate pee:
    -have a clean buddy who is similarish and weight and is the same gender
    -put on 2 pairs of underwear
    -have friend pee in travel shampoo bottle on way to test
    -duct tape handwarmer to bottle (if you can't find any, you can stop by -my house to have one)
    -slip in between 2 pairs of underwear
    had a brother and friend get into sheetz corporate with this method
  7. Niacin, which is commonly in energy drinks and other vitamin supplements really helps rid the blood line of  THC, also, sodium being a preservative should be kept at a minimum to not restrict the THC flush, along with these things, getting your metabolism up is your final goal, so intense work outs can aid you to being clean.

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