Upward Folding Leaves (tacoing)

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  1. I’m a First Time grower and the only consistent issue I have had so far is my leaves are folding upward so edges are almost touching, after a few days of being folded they start to get brown and crispy, some of the tips of the leaves are folding and doing the same thing but they usually don’t turn colour. I have heard this can be from heat or light being to close but both of those are fine now, temperature has never been an issue but in the beginning my light was to close, that has been corrected but it’s still persisting to fold, and it’s not even the tallest plant that’s giving issues, the tallest plant is thriving I’ve never had any leaves curl on it and it’s obviously closer to the light being tallest. Last note, this was happening before nutrients were added to plants and continued after fed nuts with with no change, feeding nutrients at 1/2 suggested serving!

    Any help appreciated thanks!

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  2. When did you move your light? How far away is it now from the canopy and what kind of light are you using? What is the humidity in your grow room? Do you have a fan running in there? What is your water PH?
  3. Move light up higher, Wbat lights r u using?
  4. Light is about 24 inches away, light is golspark (Amazon 900wLED Veg and flower both turned on) humidity hovering around 65-75% trying to keep it in the 70s, yes fan is running not pointed directly at plants and my water ph is around 6-6.5
  5. Lights at around 24 inches set on both veg and bloom you think it’s still to close ? Light is 900w golspark (Amazon light )
  6. How many watts is your light? Please don't say 900... Because that's not true
  7. Amazon says it pulls 200 watts from the wall.
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  8. Issue is likely too high of temps then. Humidity is fine and distance should be fine for 200w.
  9. The leaves taco’n are telling u the light intensity is to much. Put it back on veg and move it down to around 18” and see how she reacts
  10. So weird temps are never over 25 and rarely have ever reached 25 maybe once or twice but temps usually hang around 22 in the day 17-16 in the night those are temps in Celsius
  11. Ment to ask this earlier, Where is ur temp sensor. U need it under lights at canopy lvl to get an accurate reading
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  12. Aside from light intensity, overall heat and humidity can both cause tacoing
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  13. Will do, I appreciate the advice man !
  14. It’s sitting on-top of my light but it has a little probe thing that hangs directly in the middle space between top of plants and lights
  15. Yea and both those seem to be in check so I’m assuming light Intensity ? I’ll try it and see how that works but thx for the help as well!
  16. You should find the recommended distance on either their website or with any possible instructions that came with the light.
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