UPS test? Anyone?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by gogreen610, Nov 20, 2014.

  1. So i am currently unemployed and got a hook up for ups in pa. And i need to know if they drug test. It would be pretty stupid to not get a job after a union rep vouched for you haha

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  2. I'd imagine they would since it's ya know, the, United Parcel Service.

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  3. Driver: Absolutely, monthly and/or randoms
    Package handler: Nobody gives a shit
  4. Yeah i knew they would for drivers but it's questionable for the other ocupations ya know

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  5. ^This. I don't even think they do legit background checks for package handlers. I worked with felons.
  6. I personally know 6 fellows who have been handlers and not a one got tested. This is only one location though, but I would assume being a national company, it's the standard everywhere. No idea about any other position. But good luck to you.
  7. Yeah thanks man it would be easiest to just stop smoking for alittle but theres no point because im getting in on a hook up i wont have to wait or anything to get in so if there is a test id be getting it next week or so

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  8. As a Supervisor at a UPS warehouse I am 100% sure that you will Not be drug tested.
  9. Nope they don't

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  10. Read the fine print on the job application it will state if you will be subject to drug tests. If they are anything like FedEx they will do a drug test when you first get hired and then only again if you get hurt on the job or come in acting like your on drugs.
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    I worked for UPS in Austin.
    Drivers do get random drug tested. Most everything else there is no drug testing to get hired.
  13. Yo UPS can open up a lot of doors I've worked for them almost a year an quit. Loading those semi's during the summer is fucked up

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  14. I worked at a UPS in Indiana, they don't initially test or regularly test if you're just a package handler, but if you get injured or have to visit a hospital the first thing they'll do is issue you a drug test.
  15. I worked there as a package handler and they do not.

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  16. no its a union job and their union doesnt allow it. i worked as a pre loader at ups for almost a year and i never got drug tested. not even the drivers get drug tested. the only reason for them to drug test you is if you get hurt and they think you might have been under the influence or if you get in a car accident and its your fault
  17. I did drivers helper and package handler no tests
  18. Have they drug tested package handlers yet?

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