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    I'm looking into buying an uninterruptible power supply, but know nothing about them other than what they do, and am having trouble picking a type/model. Very new to this so any recommendations for good ones/warnings for bad ones would be nice. The power around here usually stays out for at least 4 hours when it does go out for some reason.

    **edit** please do not post anything on this thread if all you have to say is "use the search function", because i did, and i didn't find anything particularly helpful. and im not exactly great on google. isn't that what this forum is for anyways? questions?
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    A UPS is not intended to power your computer for hours, indeed, my UPS will last for about 20 minutes. Their main use is to keep the thing going for brief power outs, and if power is gone for more than a couple of minutes you can save your work and safely close down, or start your generator. There is just a small lead-acid accumulator inside, which an inverter converts to 230 V ac. I doubt that you will find a ups with enough battery capacity to power your computer for 4 hours.

    I bought a zzappa ups which was defective on delivery, so I couldn´t recommend one of those. Currently using a Riello 400VA which works fine.
  3. lol i guess i should have been a little more specific. I need it for growing, so my plants don't get destroyed or warped or some crazy shit from having their light interrupted.
  4. UPSs are intended to keep computers going if the power goes out. Presumably your grow lights are several hundred watts at least - I don´t think you will find any that will handle that current demand - my UPS has a max output of 1.5 A.
    You need a generator that starts up automatically when the power goes off.
  5. UPS units create an real nasty square wave. Dont know if magnetic grow lights would work off of it. Digital may. Grow lights pull a lot of electricity though.

    I live up north and for short outages I have my pumps/air pumps connected to a ups but not the lights. you can use a generator for magnetic balists but not digital ones.

  6. How can you not be good on google?? All you have to do is type your question as you did here.

    And a UPS will not work for a grow light man, it pulls way too many amps and will destroy the UPS, in turn making it pointless to have down the road. I suggest you pick up a small generator for your setup.
  7. I couldn't find anything about using them for grow lights except for a thread on here on which no one had replied to the OP. I'm going to be using one bubble bucket and 3-5 CFLs. What type of generator do you recommend?

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