Upper Leaves Turning Light Green

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  1. Heres my setup:

    Strain: Dinafem Blue Widow - Blueberry x White Widow

    Soil Organic Mix:
    1.5cf FFoF
    1cf Organic Potting Mix (Local Blend)
    1cf Lightwarrior
    1cup Happy Frog Fruit & Flower
    1/2cup Organicare 5/8/6 +8%ca pellet mix
    1/2 bag Vermiculite
    2 x 5gal Mother Earth Chunky Perlite

    pH ~6.5
    Botanicare Cal/Mag every other week
    FF Kangaroots
    BioAg Humic Acid
    -All around 1/2 strength

    90W Sun Systems Grow UFO (Veg only, mother plant)

    Temperatures: ~78F-84F

    Light Cycle: 24/0

    Container: Cloth Smart Pots

    Ventilation: 3 x 120MM Axial Fans, passive intake

    Runoff pH: Unknown, never watered to point of runoff to avoid overwatering.

    The upper leaves are turning bright green at some of the tips, and have a brownish tint at the central area of new growth. Some leaves at new growth sites is a bit malformed. Anyone have an idea? Is is a pH issue? Sulfur deficiency? I'm a bit lost... :(

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  2. Lookin like iron of anything

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