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  1. So I'm pretty knowledgable when it comes to computers and want to build my own computer but I can't afford it right now. So I have a Dell xps 600 with a Pentium D processor and would like to upgrade to something better such as a quadcore. I know dells usually can't be upgraded that easily. So can I just buy a new case and motherboard and powersupply and everything else like the ram cd-rom drive and the hard drive can be transferred to the new computer until I can afford to upgrade them?
  2. It's complicated.

    Pentium D uses an older Intel socket called LGA 775 (Land Grid Array 775, meaning it has 775 "pins" which these days are really just electrical contact points rather than pins)

    But that's mostly just trivia for you to know. The moral of the story is because it is older, the Pentium D processor and socket LGA 775 can only use DDR2 memory (older memory technology).

    Unless you are specifically looking for something to support old hardware (which defeats the point of an upgrade) then any motherboard you buy will use DDR3 memory. So your memory will need to be replaced as well.

    The hard drive can transfer over, but it will be a PITA if you are trying to do this without reinstalling your operating system. Main thing here is to find out how your hard drive connects (probably IDE / PATA) and confirm your new motherboard has a port for it.

    CD-ROM drive will also transfer to the new computer without issues, but like the motherboard you just need to open up the current computer and confirm how the CD-ROM drive is connected so that you can shop for a motherboard with a corresponding port.
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    Thanks For all the info. I guess I should say that I would be replacing the motherboard as well so that it will have a socket that will support the chip I decide to get. The only things I will keep from this computer are the 350 gig Sata Hard Drive 2 Gigs DDR2 Memory Nvidia Geforce 6800 Graphics Card Cd-rom Drive. I will replace the compenets eventually when I have the money. But that way at least for now I can get a much better processor. Maybe upgrade the memory to ddr3 as well Since you reminded me that most newer Motherboards will only support DDR3.
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    Depending on your motherboard it might not support quad cores since they have more demanding power requirements that your old dell mobo might not supply.

    what would be the point of getting a quad core?

    everything else in your computer is outdated and wouldn't put a quad core to proper use.

    save up enough for a mobo,case,ram,cpu,psu. Your pc is worthless as far transferring parts over. The 6800 you have is most likely AGP, hopefully im wrong. Save ur lunch money :)

    I remember my first dell(my first pc), i wanted to upgrade it but everything in it was totally crap and not worth dropping a dime into. Thus i built my own pc's....
  5. For now I just want to get up and running on the new pc then I will get a better video card and such I don't think its Agp I know I have seen inside ans think it might be PCI or PCI-E Cd-ROM Drive is pretty new since I had to install a new one.

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