Updates from Herbies March 14th 2016

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    Back in stock today

    00 Cheese 00 Seeds
    CBD Jam Delicious Seeds
    Unknown Kush Delicious Seeds
    Deep Mandarine Delicious Seeds
    Original Juan Herer Delicious Seeds
    Sugar Black Rose Delicious Seeds
    Acid Dough Ripper Seeds
    Ripper Badazz Ripper Seeds
    Fuel OG Ripper Seeds
    Auto Pink Grapefruit Short Stuff
    Afghan Kush Ryder auto World of Seeds
    Big Bud XXL Auto Zambeza
    Vanilla Ice Feminised Seeds Zambeza

    New Seeds added:

    CBD Chronic Serious Seeds
    Banana Crack Holy Smoke
    Guide Dawg Holy Smoke
    SAGE CBD TH Seeds
    LA SAGE CBD TH Seeds
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  2. Please answer this: When will sin city gear be re stocked? This is getting ridiculous.

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    We do have 4 of their strains in stock at Sin City Seeds. We update our stock list every couple of days and rely on the breeders to supply.. sorry

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