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  1. It's going on three weeks into flowering of the two of the three plants I started with on my first grow (one out of the three was a dude). I am posting a couple pics of one of them. It is over 2 feet wide and just topped 3 feet tall. They were a lot bushier before I started the flowering, but I gave them a haircut and got rid of a bunch of fan leaves to ensure my lights could penetrate deep into the plants. My camera is not that great so the pictures don't do them justice. Both plants have a ton of buds! Most hairs are still pretty white, but I am starting to notice some turning a little amber colored. Comments are welcomed...


    Miracle grow potting soil
    Schultz's flowering fert (applied since I started flowering, no ferts applied during veg other than the slow release in the potting soil from day one)
    Dual 400W MH/HPS lights


  2. :smoking: pretty plants u got there
  3. Thanks man... I meant to mention that the top "stretch" of the plant is what has grown since I switched to the 12/12 cycle. Before that, the plant grew out as wide as it grew up using my 400W lights. I had them under the MH/HPS lights since day one. However, the first week or so I kept the light a good 2 feet from the seedlings and only gave them light about 13 hours a day. Once they matured a bit I hit them with 24 hours of light until I started flowering.
  4. very nice plants. I am just experimenting with one plant right now. it hasnt sprouted yet :mad:.
    How long did it take for your seeds to poke out of that soil?:D
  5. It could take a week or two to sprout from the soil because the seed was not germinated when you planted it. Actually, it may never come up... Hard to know, that's why it's best to germinate the seed first... so when you put it in the dirt you know it's gonna come up. If you don't see something within a week you probably won't. Probably should try germinating some seeds in the mean time if you have any. Good luck...
  6. Sorry man, I totally did not answer your question. I told you how long it may take for your seeds to sprout when you asked me how long mine took... I just smoked a little and I am a bit buzzed so you will have to forgive me... To answer your question: Mine sprouted pretty much overnight because the seeds were already germinated. Once they germinate they break through the soil quickly.
  7. i germinated mine...its been like a day and a half prolly and still no sign of the little booger.
  8. Pretty nice plants man. How big were they when you switched to the flowering cycle? Also, how long does the flowering process usually take? I'm sure that there is not set time but is there an average amount of time that I can expect? I'm starting to get a little stir crazy with my plant still in veg. state. Oh yea-my plant is just bag seed. Also-you said that you grew that all the way through with Miracle Grow Potting Soil with the time released ferts? Thats awesome b/c soo many people say its a big nono but it worked for you-rub it in their faces.
  9. I am currently growing out doors. I also germinated before i started growing and now have nine healthy plants. I grow in east texas and it only took two weeks from bag seeds to grmination to 1 foot plants. I have a small outdoor crop and i use fertilizer and think it does great, but will stop using it 1 month before i harvest. Just experiment to fit your own needs. Happy growing
  10. Different strains grow and mature at different times. My plants were from bag seed so I am not sure what I have. However, I believe it is an indica strain. It seems most people say to wait until the plant is about 18"+ or so at minumum before you start the flowering. Yeah, I hear ya about the miracle grow. I planted my seeds before I started reading all the bad stuff about miracle grow. I don't know if has just been beginners luck or what, but I have been more than satisfied with it. I think where some may go bad with using the miracle grow potting soil is when they add more fertilizer to it during the vegging stage. Miracle grow potting soil is supposed to have enough nuts to keep a plant going for three months according to the bag. So I just did not fert until I started the flowering and so far it is growing great. I hope to harvest in a few weeks.

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