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**UPDATED:AMAZING MACRO SHOTS!**OG Kush & White Russian 3 Ounce Medical Pickup

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by NorCalPiff, Nov 26, 2011.

  1. #1 NorCalPiff, Nov 26, 2011
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    edit: Enjoy the pictures! Added some of the Medical Cheese I have as well leftover. 1 ounce of that.
    Whats goin on guys, hope you are all doing well and staying medicated. My cell phones camera is absolutely pathetic, when my sister wakes up later I'm going to use her amazing camera to snap some real dope shots. Anyways, got 2 ounces of the White Russian & 1 ounce of the OG. Some people are like dude you don't even sell why do you by 3 ounces? Just because I don't sell doesn't meen I wanna go back to the dispensary every fucking day and pay dumb amounts, I would rather get enough to last me a little for a better price from a nice Caregiver. I have to smoke a good amount because of my constant pain from my destroyed shoulders & I refuse to take painkillers Doctors try to prescribe me. Both for real straight flame top shelf strains. The 6th Surgeon I have seen finally gave me a CatScan & a really in-depth MRI. He said he has never seen more disturbing MRI & CatScan images & that there is nothing left to do after the already 4 failed surgeries. Quote on quote. Anyways, I got my medicine from 1 of my 3 caregivers, all really great people not in it for the money.
    OG Kush

    White Russian X AK47 (Just found this out today actually, the AK47 is defiantly dominant in this cross for sure.)

    & last but not least, Cheese!
    edit:You guys are probably saying "Why is this weird dude bringing his cannabis in the bathroom to take pictures of" & that is what I would say as well, but the lighting in my room is garbagio & the lighting in there is not, so no, I am not creepy.
  2. good amount im sure you'll enjoy em.

  3. Thanks brotha. Hope you got some quality medicine your way too.
  4. Damn you californians lol jk nice bud
  5. #5 NorCalPiff, Nov 26, 2011
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    Haha. Don't get it twisted though brotha and be like you are so lucky, because I might be lucky now, but I have only been in Cali since the end of July. I lived on the east coast my whole life paying unfair prices.
  6. These pictures were taken with a Nikon CoolPix camera too by the way.
  7. #7 4FootHits, Nov 26, 2011
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    In picture 2 and 4 of the White Russian X AK-47 there's a hair in the buds! But great pictures man!! Looks like some dank bud!! plus the cheese looks amazing ENJOYY :smoke::smoke:
  8. #8 Deletemyposts, Nov 26, 2011
    Last edited: Nov 26, 2011
    Damn looks like fire man. And you got a great deal. I got an ounce of ak47(actually really similar looking to your ak white russian cross) for 200 and I thought it was a good deal haha. I'm in va but it was from Santa Ana, ca
  9. #9 NorCalPiff, Nov 26, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 27, 2011
    I just smoked a gram Swisher to my face of that AK dominant hybrid (it tastes a whole lot more like AK than White Russian). Im incredibly blowed right now dude, for real. Like stupid medicated haha. I would say my high is at a 10 for real. Takes me some bomb bud to say that.

    edit: Just twised up another 1.1g Swisher of the OG =)
  10. #10 NorCalPiff, Nov 27, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 27, 2011
    Here is my PH(x) HD HoneyComb.
  11. why would you ever cross such great tasting fire bud with any form of tobacco leaf blunt?
  12. Because I smoke Kingsize Joints & blunts & will not stop just because a mediocre rapper tells me to. I enjoy both, & I really thoroughly enjoy a perfectly rolled Dutch or Swisher occasionally. I grew up rolling those, & they will always have a special place in my heart. I love the way they burn, & I don't roll flavor cigars so I can actually taste the amazing nug just as much as I can with a joint, just burns a lot slower. If they were cheaper that is all I would smoke, but when you smoke like I do you go through tons of money on Dutches & Swishers.

  13. Rep Blunts my man, stay true to them.
  14. Seriosuly dude, the 2nd and 3rd pic of the og, the ones in the jar fucking blew me away. Genuinly in the top 5 images of weed i have ever seen in my life. Oh and hate it when if someone picks up an oz or 2 of some bomb weed, and only posts pictures of a couple of nugs, so i LOVE seeing exceptionally high qualty weed, and vast quality. +1 for sure !
  15. Appreciate the rep so much my man! I really do! Im thrown it right back at ya. Glad you enjoy the pictures man. All of the bud is some top shelf fire for real. Im loving the AK47 the most honestly though. The Cheese is some real flame, its so different, some of the "funkiest" bud I have ever had. The OG has a real Kush flavor, I think it might be Lemon OG honestly because it has a Lemon hint to the taste as well.

    edit: Bro you gotta go check out all the angle Macro shots I took of my PH(x) HD HoneyComb, that is a truly incredible piece! It's in the Toking Tools section, I think I might of posted a link somewhere in this thread. Tell me what you think!
  16. Oh hell yeah dude. That Ph(X) honeycomb looks badass. I've been thinking about getting one, maybe even a double. How do you like it? +rep for the amazing stash and glass, stay lifted. Hoping to get a card myself soon in Ontario for a failed knee surgery.

  17. Failed surgeries fuckin suck brotha, I feel ya. I have constant dislocations on both shoulders still. I absolutely love the bong dude, its hands down the best piece I have ever had. I have had numerous RooRs, 1 Lux before it broke. So many people try to hate on this piece in Toking Tools and say he has insane drag when in reality the drag is almost non-existent, literally. Definantly purchase it if you can. Don't pay 700 for it though like it is at most headshops and websites. I got it for 540 with a case, a 30$ ash-catcher (not that Inline one, that was 115 & handblown by an amazing local artist). Stay medicated brotha appreciate the comment.
  18. No problem my dude. Yeah I saw one on Ayyy Ellll Tee for 450, single honeycomb, single perc. I think that's gonna be the one. I'll put a pic thread up when I get it.

  19. Word. I got hooked up for mine. Mine is the full 7mm (the girl on the PH(x) website explained to me how I have the largest one because when it switches to the blue it doesn't get smaller, it stays 7mm straight) & mine has 2 Dome-Percs & that was 500$. I would go to some headshops within an hour of you or more & look for a dope deal.

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