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  1. IMG_0109.JPG IMG_0110.JPG Hi gang,

    So seem my little one has bounced back after some problems, still don't know what the F is wrong with the bottom 2 leaves but it seems to no be spreading, could of damaged a root or something not sure... anyways here is a pic looking okay ?
  2. Looks like a deficiency possibly.... probably sorted it out without realizing it... if it's not spreading I wouldn't worry to much the plant overall looks beautiful

    May want to google cannabis leaf deficiency chart so you have a reference as to what deficiency is what.

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  3. Hey rob,

    I did man and far out you could name a billion, I put it down to mag defficnany and put some Epsom salts in, that made the ec go nuts so input some PHd water in and seems to be good, though my PH went right down is that the plants drinking ??
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  4. I'm honestly not sure on that one may want to wait for a DWC grower to chime in... but I do believe that PH does stabilize after being left out for a while so it's probably not uncommon or ph to change in hydro... but again idk I just stick with my so it's easy and works for me haha.

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