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  1. Hey all, lookin to see what you guys think at this point. Since I last posted ive transplanted into a 3 gallon fabric pot, soil is approx. 60% foxfarm light warrior(has hearty amount of perlite), 20% organic potting soil(equivalant of FF ocean forest), last 20% a mix of perlite and agricultural sand, also mixed in some hydroton balls into the soil. Fixed my ph problem by watering with a half gallon of distilled water with superthrive in it after the transplant. Temps range from 73-77 humidity sits right around 60%. I plan to add my first round of nutes on my next watering again with distilled water to make sure to keep ph right then start adjusting my waters ph on my own. Also should i cut off the two fan leaves on the top that look really bad or should i give them more time to recover? They have been like that for almost a week now. I welcome any appreciate any advice and opinions given.

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  2. Mid to serious nute burn

    and you were doing really well too!

    I suggest it was the 'Superthrive that thru them out

    flush with 3 times the pot volume with air temp water, ph first

    allow 8 hours to drain free, or overnight in dim or no light

    this allow the 02 to re attach to the roots

    no more nutes, until you see some action (7-10days)

    even then feed 30% less

    is the standard treatment for nute burn,

    however I do like the fact that you added perlite and balls to aid drainage and aeration

    ...unlike so many others lol

    good luck

    ps rip no leaves unless brown
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