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    So, I've not been on here in the last few weeks due to everything in my life changing round a little bit for better and for worse, and I've just had like, a half hour shower where I've been thinking about everything and I just wanted to get a few things off my chest about life, the universe and everything etc. etc. I know we're all like minded people here so feel free to chip in with your own thoughts on it, anything similar happening in your life, or just a standard tl;dr will be sufficient enough.

    FIRSTLY, apologies to a few close, fellow blades who I was getting into frequent conversation with a few weeks back and then just disappeared for fucking ages, but I'll get round to explaining why that happened... NOW.

    Let's start where I was about a month ago, where I'd quit my job and was looking to move to Brighton to pursue some shit in life, which basically was 'Get a girlfriend, get a job'. I'm currently living with my lesbian aunties in a dead end area and have quite clearly overstayed my welcome by a good 6 months and am definitely pissing them off with my late night routines and not working and shit, but it was all cool because I was gonna move out in 2 weeks or whatever and everything would be just absolutely fine and dandy. Except I totally didn't wanna go and was just doing it because I was sick of being here and feeling nothing was happening and I picked at a random point on a map and told myself it would be okay.


    But then one night a few weeks back I went to my best friend's-girlfriend's-step dad's birthday party, and we all got mega on it and partied hard and all that, and the step dad had invited over his Swedish daughter from a previous relationship who lives in Sweden. Because, yknow, she's Swedish and shit.


    SO. What then happened was she dragged me into a nearby bedroom and we had plenty-o sex. Buttttttttt, little did I know is that things developed from that and we ended up spending the whole week together, getting really close, and having plenty-o more sex.


    Anyway, things progressed and she went back to Sweden and we Skyped every night and then next thing I know I'm telling these people I was gonna move in with in Brighton that I won't be doing that anymore and catching a flight to Sweden with ALL MY NO MONEY to spend another 5 days with this girl. WHICH IS GOOD. So I'm all gf'ed up now and happy with that part of my life.

    HOWEVER. Upon coming back to the UK I realised I reaaaaaaally need to get my shit together. She MAY be moving to England in September depending on if she gets onto this course thing in Sweden (some Hospitality thing but like... Swedish Hospitality. I think it's the same but in Swedish). So if she gets in, she'll stay there and we'll see how things develop (i.e I move there), and if she doesn't get in, she'll move here and we'll see how things develop (i.e We move in together with my best friend and her step-sister/his girlfriend/my friend...)


    So the thing is now I need a job as soon as possible, and I need to move out as soon as possible. But I've got NO money, NOWHERE is hiring me without necessary qualifications which I do not have, and I'm sort of stuck back in the same loop I was in before except now I've got a girlfriend who lives in ANOTHER COUNTRY and everything's all a little bit up in the air and I don't know what's going on. Then I got into some rant in my head about how the world is just driven by money and everyone KEEPS nagging you to get a 9-5 office job because 'that's just life' when really that shouldn't 'just be life' because it's about having fun and enjoying yourself and shit really isn't it? And I'm getting in trouble for like, making noise in the house past 11pm and I'm 22 for fuck sake!! And basically I forgot the point of this post because it all made sense in my head and was some stab against society and how everyone is so ingrained into living a certain way and living this mundane routine where they sit in a stuffy office for the duration of their life, come home and watch Eastenders or some shit and then go to bed and don't actually DO anything that makes their life worthwhile. And then because I'm going out and getting high and seeing my friends and everything, it somehow annoys them despite not really having too much of an effect on their life whatsoever. I understand that family wants the best for me and I'm not quite exceeding their expectations of me right now, but I feel shit enough about myself as it is for not having money and not having a career lined up in front of me and all that. I'm going to Sweden again in a couple of weeks and everyone is like 'Oh no, but if you get a job you won't be able to do that', and it's like 'FUCK OFFFFFFF'. THAT'S NOT WHAT'S IMPORTANT!!!!!


    I dunno. I'm just a bit fed up and strangely angry at everything right now.

    But that's my life atm. It was supposed to be articulated so much better than the way I just put it but I can't be arsed to go back and re-write it all for witticisms and that like I usually do. I'mma just put a TL;DR gif at the end here and see what contributions you guys have to a problem I didn't really properly explain.


    Edit: Also, I'm fully expecting the 'Dude, you're banging a Swedish girl, stfu!' comments here, all of which are totally and absolutely fair.

    Edit edit: I expected that Michael Jackson gif to loop longer than just once...

    Edit edit edit: Oh it does.
  2. Good luck with the girl and the job search. Cant live out your dreams from the start man, takes time and hard work. Good luck and get back on Skype you bitch hahaha
  3. Just have faith everything will sort itself out and it will for the better, but you have to look at the upside of things or else things will seem to be continually lame.
  4. 'Dude, you're banging a Swedish girl, stfu!' :bongin:
    na sounds like shit crazy fo ya good luck
  5. Good luck. If you like her enough you should try to make it work, but not for the sex.
    Early 20s is the time to fuck up and do whatever you want to do. Just live it :)
  6. You guys make my day.

    I'm sorry I was away for so long. This shit lifts me up!
  7. damn man. nice job on the girl homie! supreme pimpin right there! but you should be good. seem very charismatic and this is so for you to have nothing but scoring with im assuming a very hot Swedish gal! the job will come just keep looking. and maybe move out and crash at a friend's place ?

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