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  1. Hi there, me again...

    Well, I got my HPS yesterday! Yay! I spent a few hours this morning rigging it up. I don't have a light hanging kit so I had to make one. Tomorrow I'll be putting on the finishing touches to my flowerbox and then commence praying that my house doesn't catch fire ;) . I'm so excited about finally having this new light! Harvest time...Here I come!!

    Besides the fire issue, I'm also hoping for at least one female plant. I only have 2 plants ready for flowering at the moment with 2 more little ones newly germinated. So I have a 50/50 chance I guess. Not the best odds, but it'll have to do.

    Boy that ballast really hums!

    It sux working with such a small space. Someday hopefully I'll have a room (or rooms) big enough to grow in without twisting myself into unusual shapes to do so. Something like the room mcurry has in his pics would be nice.

    I'll be doing my test run tomorrow and if it can go say 3 hours without going ablaze, I'll rest a little easier. My entire grow area has been construced of a LOT of cardboard, 2 space blankets, 1 sheet, a length of dryer hose, 8 books, 2 milk crates, small tacks, a few fans, and a LOT of duct tape and strapping tape. (For those of you who remember..MacGuyver would be proud :D ).

    Well, out for now..will let you all know how the test run goes tomorrow before I turn in for bed.

    Later All,

  2. Please make sure nothing is touching the bulb or you will have a fire problem. They do really get hot. The HPS bulbs are real cookers.
    The cardboard and cloth is going to dry out after a while you might try misting it in a couple of weeks to make sure it doesn't get brittle cause if it does it's falme point gets lower and it could start to cook slowly then POOF!

    You might want to try in the future if you have to use cardboard that close to spray it "white" with a fire retardent paint. The dark colors will also draw more heat and you don't want to hit it's falsh point.

  3. I never really thought about misting it..great idea, thanks!

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