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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by HappyTimeToker, Jun 8, 2004.

  1. Put her in a new box, bigger and tinfoiled, and also put her in a 5 gal pot, what you guys think? this is my first grow and cause im a cheep bastard im just using regular light lol, i just want like a bowl or two off her and ill be happy.

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  2. Looking pretty good. Hope it turns out well for ya.

    You can't afford 6-10 dollars for a cfl? It'll really help your grow along....
  3. looks good but yeah as mentioned above a compact flouro works better ...theyre like 4 bux @ wal mart....think i even saw some at a dollar store lol G/L!!!!
    toke on :smoke:
  4. I love the budda too...... :D
  5. thanks guys and seeing on this is my first grow and just from bag seed im just hopin for a lil off her but yes haha i am getting a cfls prolly tommarow. Will that really make a big difference? thanks guys
  6. Yes yes yes those 23 watt twisty floro's put out 1690 lumen's if you get the cool blue ones the yellow ones if I recall put out about 1400, so if you get 3 you could get, like 3500 lumen's and your girl friend will LOVE you and shine on for you :) At home depot you can buy the rubber light fixtures that have a white and black wire coming off of them, then buy a couple of extension cords cut the female end off and strip the wire and join it to the rubber light fixture. Use a couple of marets. Bingo, official grow room :) There you go, plug it in and you'll get a ounce or so. better that a bud. :)
  7. your waisting electricty atm with a regular light..the plant will die enless you get atleast fluoros for your grow.
  8. HEY GUYS! ahh im pretty happy right now, i ran into some money and now i have 2 cfls on *her* this should make a big difference? ill post pics tommarow but here are teh specs, one of em is a 42 watt but acts like a 200, and the otheris a 15, but acts like a 60 the little one puts out 850 lumens and the big one 2700, is that good?
  9. too excited about my new stuff lol, gotta show you guys now 3550 lumens all together woot

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  10. new setup

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  11. just one of the plant, the stems got some good thickness to it

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  12. Congrats, that's much better.

    I hope it goes well. :D
  13. And maybe add a small oscilating (sp?) fan. Makes your plant nice and strong
  14. i made an updated post guys check it!

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