Update on my baby.

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  1. image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg So around 1 month in veg now - still seems very small to me but had a lot of problems, non the less she is taking off now ana doing nicely.. going to veg for another 4 weeks and just topped her then (hope I did it right)
  2. Just a note: After you top, it takes her a week or so to recover before she starts growing again..Then it will be spurt time:)
  3. Okay thanks buzzer, looking okay though ?
  4. Yep..Looking great (what strain?) I would be looking at adding LST to your training and thinning out a few leaves to provide air flow and light to the branches below..GOOD JOB!
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  5. Looks great and as buzzer said give it a week maybe a bit more and you'll see a lot of new sidegrowth starting to branch out as well as the two tops starting to branch out. You still have a bit of a N toxicity but nothing to bad.

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  6. image.jpg Okay thanks guys - @Buzzer777 the strain is white widow x big bud.. can I simply cut off some of the leaves to thin them out to provide light??

    Also LST - is bending the stem down to get light to the lower parts correct?

    @LedRoB82 i know bro have put the N to a very minimum and think she is coming back to normal, should i cut that nute out all together ?
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    Nah if you can't stop it just keep doing what you are doing since she isn't burning... once she grows a bit more I'm sure she will grow out of it anyhow... sometimes I'm stuck just waiting the damn nitro claw out myself on certain strains. And yes LST is where you tie the branches down to let more light in and to create more of an even canopy... however you shouldn't have to LST for a bit I'd wait till she's grown a bit the topping is going to do her fine enough for now.

    Also I wouldn't recommend cutting any leaves yet... no point the plant is in veg there are no budsites being covered up or anything to even consider trimming. Just let it do its thing and when the plant does get big and bushy when you flip I recommend you just tuck as many leaves as you can.. lll pull a few off that are just hanging over the canopy blocking everything but I prefer to keep as many leaves as I can since they are my buffer... If you get rid of to many leaves and you end up with a nute problem it can go straight to damaging the buds and sugar leaves. Look at people who pull pounds per plant they have a shitload of fan leaves everywhere. Again I'm a big fan of taking off the incredibly large fan leaves that completely shadow buds but for the most part tucking is where it's at. Look into lollipopping before you flip also.

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  8. WWxBig Bud, should have a large yield..pruning is essential with the wide leaved strains like ww and BB.
    Look here and growweedeasy.com..INFO!
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  9. Thanks dudes time for some shut eye - 11pm Sunday where I am ! Will read up in the morning... :goodnight:
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  10. image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg Well hope I didn't take to much off, I just basically cut the leaves off where they rest of the plant was not getting any light!!
  11. Looking good..next time just wash hands and use a long thumb nail to simply pinch instead of cutting..No mistakes that way and very simple!! :)
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