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(Update) . . I want to be a glass blower, specifically BONGS

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Hashed Out, Jul 31, 2012.

  1. #1 Hashed Out, Jul 31, 2012
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    Here's the first few things I've made.


    And a hash oil tube I made 10 minutes ago


    I'll make the progression thread when I get better.
  2. Sounds like a cool idea man. Have you ever blown glass before or you are just thinking ahead? Glass blowing looks very fun.
  3. [quote name='"Hashed Out"']I'm going to start off with just pipes, but when I get the money I'm going to get the tanks and torch and kiln, and build a lathe.

    Then I'll get a business license and sell them to dispensaries, head shops, on the internet, and eventually I'll open my own head shop. When I get started I'll make a thread and update it.


    OK I'll bite. PLEASE make sure you post in this thread when you make a new post. That way I'll be notified of it. Good luck to you Sir.

  4. ill second that, post in this thread and good luck:smoke:
  5. sounds easy.....
  6. Have you ever done lamp working before? It's a rather expensive hobby to get into. I've been looking at the equipment hoping to start up myself and it's well over 1500$ just for the upfront costs, not including a consistent supply of oxygen, propane, and glass.

    Good luck though, I hope you manage to succeed!
  7. I think you'd be better off trying to find an apprenticeship for glass blowing... Look around, there might be places near you that do glass blowing. I was just at a glass museum a few weeks ago, about 4 hours from me. About 10 minutes from me, I can go get glass blowing classes. I'm sure even a place like that would be a good way to get introduced to the field. Learn a bit about glass, and talk to the instructors to see how to get into the field.

  8. Glassblowing and lampworking (pipe making) have very little in common. Apart from seeing whether you're vaguely interested in glass art, glassblowing techniques don't really apply to lampworking easily.
  9. good luck man, I've always loves blown and overall handcrafted pieces. if it works out your life is gonna be sick
  10. Dope idea man.. think big
  11. ive thought about making my own pieces before, then i smoked out of the one i got online and was like "good enough"
  12. awww man i thought of this before i seen videos on youtube on glassblowing looks pretty hard but hey i'd like a challenge. i'd like to hear how it goes so il have an idea good luck.
  13. The best part about being a glass blower would be making incredible and unique custom pieces for yourself. Imagine the possibilities.
  14. Don't breathe in.
  15. I make ceramics and I would love to get into glass blowing. I am getting ready to set up another ceramic studio and perhaps I will try some glass blowing. Let me know how it works out for you. I know my ceramic kiln I use for my crystal glaze is expensive (3k) but I think you can make a gas kiln pretty cheap. Look on the internat for plans I am sure you can find some. What are temps neede for glass because if it isn't too hot I know you can mak raku kilns pretty cheap.

  16. For a glassblowing kiln the standard temp is around 2k fahrenheit. I wouldn't try to build one on your own, though, as kilns in glassblowing are for annealing (slowly deheating glass so the temp change doesn't stress or fracture the glass), so a digital controller is a must have to automate the kiln. Without a digital controller, you would have to sit by the kiln manually adjusting temp until you got down low enough.
  17. Thanks for all the positive feedback everyone, I'll post back here before i start a progression thread. I met a glass blower and he's going to give me lessons, and he got me the hook up on equipment. The set up is around $650 so it shouldn't be too long before I get started. I just need to find a kiln and a source for the gases. But this looks really easy, I've seen some very helpful videos on YouTube.
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    LOL sure. What's the benefit? If you do it as a hobby it's just burned useless money and time, if you try and make it a business you'll just fail. Nobody would buy anything because you don't know what you're doing. You also have to go to school and you have no idea how expensive glass blowing is, the kiln and all that shit cost lots of money and isn't easy to find and if you make your own furnace don't expect to make anything but glass toothpicks.. Don't waste your money. If you expect to just get stoned all day maybe you should just have your own grow and crop and make use of your time, that's a better business AND hobby if you know what you're doing.
  19. you have no idea what your talking about...

    no real glassblower ever went to "pipe making school" they picked it up from someone or developed the skill on their own..

    people will buy anything...people buy bottled tap water..

    you can build your own kiln...they arent rockets..they are actually extremely simple..

    anything else???

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