update hash total 15.2 grams!

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  1. why didnt you fuckers tell me that if you let the satments set of night they would make a far biger ball than i made the frist time ! shit i almost went in to shock when i found this bubble hash ball size this morning ! wow total `15.2 grams from 4 1/2 oz's of leafs thats not bad i guess because the side i found that told how they were useing company hash bags and they got a far less retrun than i did in rate of recover ! dam this was out right fun guys and anyone not makeing hash out of the leaf is lossing out on a great hoppy as well ! i she look at it and think dry dry fast ! good luck to all and a very happy day !i know i am going to have one !lol....good luck tazz11

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  2. side by side smiles!lol

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  3. Looks like ya been having fun, and are fixin' to have more!! :D: :D: :smoking:
  4. To make the hash u just use the leafs or the actual buds itself
  5. you use the leafs and can use buds as well but most dont some add some buds to help the high but when useing hybrid strain as i have its not neede the high well speack well for it self ! and know away would i smoke leafs when i grow buds as i do ! i recover 2 1/2 oz's and needed to over set what i lost ! this did that i am sure ! the only sad thing is the buds i lost were 2/3 of my med weeds and the the hash well be to strong for me most of the time at lest till i grow my med weeds ! good luck tazz11

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