Update 4 the people that know me.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by Forbidden Fruit, Jun 7, 2002.

  1. and care to remember me. ANyways.....I got no weed....i got a shitty job making 7.50 an hour.....1000 dollers...and my girlfriend from holland might be coming to stay with me for a month.....and i live in a shitty town with the hopes of going no where...my moms in the hospital.....and she might die....i want to go back to holland..and be happy again.....be with my woman....get married in a few years...and...settle down and make tons of babys.....or atleast try to :) hehehehe :) anyways......ill holla atcha latas.
  2. I'm REALLY sorry to hear about your Mom. I've lost both my parents in the last few years, and I know the pain you're in!

    It will GREAT for you to see your girl again, and maybe the hope of a bright future with her will help you through your dark days.

    Just try to remember, everyday above ground is a GREAT day, my friend, and it may appear "the other man's grass is always greener", but in reality, MANY are worse off than you!

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