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updata on skunk#1 bonsai style !

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by the rainman!, Jul 23, 2002.

  1. some lol at my idea of trying to bonsai a cannabis plant hahaha they were only 1/2 right ,and when i cut her loose she took off like wild ! 122 bud sites and she is allready something to look at and when she is done well be a out rigth baby ! this is the tazz11's idea of eye candy ! i am sorry i could not get her all in the frist pic but shes bigger than my veiw! matter fact the pics to big !

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  2. i was thinking the same thing a feild of stars!

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  3. sorry i had to cut out some of the pic to get it to fit !
  4. if it anything like gypsy's it kicks ass in the yeild forum dude ! taken time and TLC it well do great !
  5. So I see you are playing a bit as't ya like all the cute litte flowertips...they can be very tight,and don't worry,,that potency will surely be there....

    Is the stem sturdy?...

  6. her trunk is like a tree dude 1 inch and growing !i put 4inches of trunk in to the ground when i tranplanted her just in case ,smart thing ahead of time ! but yes her trunk is very sound i have to watch the branches i think they well be getting very heavy soon ,i hope !shes a gathering of buds and what stared as fun end up a great plant a lot of peopl love the way she looks and a nother member at the edge has a plant the same strain and its a great plant to and i cant wait to see his yeild these one is 2-2 1/2 times biger ,so what ever his yeild is well give me so idea of this one well yeild !i think i am going to make her a mother ,dose a mother ever have as big a yeild the secound time ? yeild is not the only think do they lose potency , she gave 6 nice clones and i hope more fun leeds to plants like this one !good luck tazz11

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