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  1. Upcoming debates
    DrugWarRant / 1,9,2012

    [​IMG] Friday, March 9
    The War on Drugs Has Failed. Is Legalization the Answer?
    James A. Baker III Institute for Public Policy at Rice University
    Friday (tomorrow) at Noon Eastern: Russ Belville vs. Kevin Sabet (should be interesting!)

    YouTube videos of debate >here<

    [​IMG] Tuesday, March 13

    (Via Transform) Transform will take part in the most high-profile public drug reform debate we've ever been invited to (and as far as we can tell, that has ever been staged). The event, “It's Time to end the War on Drugs”, is being hosted by Google+ and the world's largest debating forum Intelligence². Steve Rolles, senior policy analyst and Danny Kushlick, head of external affairs, will join an eclectic mix of celebrities, public figures and politicians, speaking either for or against the title motion. Among them are Sir Richard Branson, Russell Brand, Julian Assange (unclear what his position is on this), author Misha Glenny, former president of Mexico Vincente Fox, Peter Hitchens from the Mail on Sunday, two senior figures from the UNODC, Geoffrey Robertson QC, the former UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Louise Arbour, and former Metropolitan Police Commissioner Ian Blair. (For the full list of participants, see the event page.)

    The debate begins at 2 pm Eastern.

    The debate yesterday was excellent but streaming was poor,now I have too watch these again,take a bong and drink,,,and we won[​IMG]
  2. Fuck social media and its intrusions into privacy. Why sign yourself to a list of participants to explicitly state you are in opposition to the policies and laws of your government?
    when they are continuing to write laws which will then put you on another list which can arrest you and detain you without cause for expressing such dissent? ;)

    Why do we continue to use the tools of the "establishment" in attempting to overturn the rules of the establishment? How is that ever going to work? :confused:

    Why is it that NORML and Americans for Safe Access or other such organizations are not the social media hubs used for promoting the causes of cannabis for instance? Venues under truly "friendly to the cause" ownership? Participating in these "Google" and Facebook things I cannot see as doing much of anything, and thus far, they have proven as much, but again, everyone is on a "list" now. So they succeeded in something. :rolleyes:
  3. I guess it has something to do with fighting 70+ years of federal propaganda spoon fed to the populace.

    Sure,,we are easy to convince of the truth but many voters are not.Beating up prohibitionist in public and showing that they support prohibition because their jobs and income depends on it is a very good talking point when discussing policy with people on the fence.

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