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  1. Has anyone here seen the new pixar film up? I saw it baked and in 3d, the 3d was tripping me out for a while but after that it was fucking great.
  2. it was awesome, but the 3d was not worth the extra 3 bucks.
  3. I wanna see it too. I've read also that the 3d isn't worth the extra money. It's a shame too cause a lot of the movies seem like they could be awesome if they made the 3d really great.

    It was funny, and I remember there was a little kid crying when the bird got kidnapped. They didn't have 3-d in Alaska :(
  5. Amazing movie!! Probably the funniest Pixar made
    and I agree the 3D wasn't as good as I expected
  6. Ill wait till it comes out on DVD so i can watch it on somthing wild from the safety of my own home lol. but its totally on the list of somthing to see.
  7. [quote='/ul\l9l-l0\/3;4774683]SPOILER

    It was funny, and I remember there was a little kid crying when the bird got kidnapped. They didn't have 3-d in Alaska :([/quote]

    I was almost crying at that same time .. there isn't too much 3d but at my theater it was only $1 extra so it wasn't that big of a deal
  8. I saw it today w/ my girl. It was pretty good. I laughed at a couple parts suprisingly. We movie hopped and saw Star Trek after and I actually liked UP better lol
  9. One of my favorite movies of all time
  10. yo man i just went 2 days ago and holy shit was it amazing to watch in 3d baked =)
  11. I wish I could say I saw it baked but I didn't. Haha.

    Great fucking movie nonetheless.
  12. i went and saw it last night. best movie ive seen this summer so far.
  13. saw it today. in 3d. preeeettttttttttttttyyyy prrrreeeeeettttttyyy goood.
  14. I liked it. Good solid movie.

    It was nothing too graphic intensive, Monsters vs Aliens was a lot more visually stimulating.
  15. I thought it was great, but the start of the movie had me tearing up, which kinda pissed me off. I mean, I go in expecting to laugh and enjoy a nice kids movie, and the first five minutes have me all depressed. Oh well, I'm gonna go see either Land of the Lost or The Hangover tonight, and I'd be willing to bet there's nothing too sad in those.
  16. HaHa, yeah i was tearing up jsut a little while the old man was remembering his wife. so sad. reminded me of my grandfather, but i bet a lot of people come out of that movie thinking "oh that's just like my grandfather"
  17. I loved this movie, saw it last night with my lady. It is sad in the begining but its also full of non stop laughs. Great movie!

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