Unusual color change on innermost parts of leaves... why?

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by hmiller1799, Nov 11, 2014.

  1. Help me!
    I can't find anything online about this condition, or any pictures of it. the closest ive found is an iron or a boron deficiency, but neither of these exactly fit the description... can anyone give me a hint? Literally nothing has changed in my garden. I'm in dirt, using BluMoon. I'm on a well so my waters as close to Ph neutral as any, and we've been using basic dirt/perlite/fertilizer combos. All stages of my garden are showing this lightness on the innermost parts of the branches; this covers, like, a three month period; three generations.
    My next step is to find a good ph monitor... HELP!


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  2. Looks like a boron deficiency to me
  3. Wow that's trippy man! Hope you can save her! I've never seen this before.

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  4. What's a good remedy for boron deficiency?
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    Holy fucking shit!  I've never seen ANYTHING like this in this forum!!!!!!
    First of all, junk this grow.  It's done.  You will never see flowers develop on this/these plants.  All meristematic growth is TOAST.  It is not worth your time or effort to try to save them.
    Boron deficiency is extremely rare.  This looks more to me to be a symptom of toxicity, which usually is brought on by extreme overfertilization.
    You have to give more details...
    What soil are you using?
    WTF is "BluMoon"?  The soil?  I couldn't find it online.
    You said you're using well water that is "as close to pH neutral as any".  Highly unlikely, being well water.  Have you tested it?  What part of the country do you live in?  Mine's 8.1 pH.
    What are these "dirt/perlite/fertilizer" combos that you speak of?
    And you mentioned "we've".  I take this to mean that you're growing with someone?  Do EITHER of you have any experience growing plants of ANY kind?
    And finally, don't worry about a pH meter.  pH is the least of your problems right now.  There's something REALLY messed up with your grow methodology...
  6. I would listen to that guy^^
  7. http://blumoonnutrients.com/
    That's what he's using. I agree tho. That is some serious lockout going on...looks like the plant is under a spot light.

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