Unsure as to what my situation actually means (LONG)

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  1. Occurred in Ellensburg WA (For Legislation and Arrest Law References)

    aight blades, not much introduction, just. here it is. Tell me what you think in regards to the probability that the cops will press charges.

    Woke up in the morning, was still kind of groggy from last night and decided a nice and clean wake and bake to get me going.

    As i walk out the door of my dorm to go and smoke i get a text from this guy looking for a sack. i hook it up, im walking back with him to his car and he asks me if i want to smoke. i say yes, hop in the car, two blacks kids chillin, i say what up and then we drive off to 7-11 for swishers.

    Roll out of there and start heading down a long ass country road highway sort of fucking thing. Cop pulls behind us, flicks on his lights and pulls us over. At this point the black guy in the front passenger seat is fucking dumping the weed on the floor board even after we told him to put it in the door slot and cover it , he disregarded and kept fucking going. (im back left in the car).

    Cop walks up to the passenger door, sees the weed on the ground, smells it, walks back to his car and radio a narcotics officer (with K-9 that they never used. didnt really need it after the probable cause that he gave the officer to seize the car and get a search warrant)

    Ask the driver to step out and come talk to him about something wrong with the title or the car. Turned out to be a misunderstanding on the police' part and it was all fine, however, the weed was still found. (Thank you dumbass in front for this)

    We all have backpacks in the car and the dispute is now whether they can search the bags. Huge deal but the ended up just towing the car to the station to search it. All our backpacks are inside.

    They never charged us with anything, no handcuffs , and the let us walk away from the car. NO ARREST at all. Also let the driver leave after he signed his car over to the towing company.

    Now they are calling the driver and telling him to bring us down to the station as well because they want to give us possession(misdemeanor) and paraphernalia charge.

    The drivers lawyer told him to go alone and to not bring us at all. In our interest i believe.


    I think they are trying to blow smoke up my ass now and trick me into admission by claiming my bag.

    SO. i know it was a long read, i tried to break it up. I welcome any and all advice and opinions or just comments.

    Thanks for reading
  2. Make sure you got a lawyer ready if you think its worth it. Otherwise those charges are probably headed down your avenue.

    Let this be a lesson, don't smoke in cars and don't smoke with idiots that'll get you fucked over.
  3. bump. please comment :D
  4. Do they have a way of knowing who's backpack is who's? And did they ask for your ID's and all that stuff?
  5. They have to have permission to search your stuff. If they do search it, that evidence would be attained illegally thus making it insubmissible in court. Good luck and sorry you got jammed up cause of someone elses mistake.
  6. UPDATE:

    The driver went down to the police station , he is being charged with something, but the prosecutor hasnt assembled a case so at this point , no charges.

    He got his car back, all torn up from the searches. Our backpacks are returned! nothing illegal in them, that was all taken, but everything else is there. No charges for any of the passengers and I can't even fathom how they would charge me after pulling us over for a false reason, and he wrote down the name of the front passenger as the driver on the paperwork.

    I think im in the clear though!

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