Unsupervised Probation

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  1. So, it's been a year since I was put on unsupervised, the last time I had to talk to my PO, was in October, and since first time being in trouble, I get it dropped off my record when done, I go sign papers, and don't have to see my PO, I am taking a t-break at the moment just incase, will I be drug tested, he only drug tested me once, before being put on unsupervised, should I just go in and get off, or wait another week to be clean, i doubt I will be drug tested when I go, but I want to make sure from experienced people.

  2. not sure what youre saying, but once you sign off probation they cant test you.
  3. Steve that use of commas hurts my brain. I hope for your sake you can write and speak better.

    Wait until your all signed off before you do anything, best to play it safe.
  4. Lol that whole post was a huge run on sentence :laughing:

    Sorry I'm not usually a grammar cop
  5. Its unsupervised, smoke til you faint OP
  6. You have a week left, I wouldn't risk it.
  7. what he said ^^^
  8. well, actually I called my PO today, and he said he has to sign papers and get the judge to sign them, so december he told me that I can go sign off, and yeah I know my grammar is horrible online, but I can write good when needed, I just speed type and throw commas in wherever it sounds good, and yes I can talk better then how I type.
  9. Oh god please dont use comma before and :'(
  10. :rolleyes:
  11. damN gUyZ leef h1mm al0n3
  12. And no i didn't get drug tested I'm free
  13. Congrats man.

  14. yay i got a big fuck you for your judge
    and i am smoking a fatty for you now
    getting off probation is such a gooood feeling
    looking over your back wondering, if they are watching
  15. Ty and no don't care

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