Unsupervised Probation Experiences?

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  1. I just got on unsupervised probation...does anyone know if they still random drug test? My officer said she will never see me again unless i get in trouble but idk if she is trying to trick me. She is pretty cool and i passed on my test when i was on supervised. I live in Indiana and this is my first offense if that makes any diffrence. Please help, first on experience would be great.
  2. My first experience with probation. Was unsupervised. No drug tests and they called me or I went in to the probation office about 3 times during the 6 months. It can vary though depending on your state laws
  3. what did you do when you went in? I thought on unsupervised its unsupervised?
  4. They just asked me how I am doing . That's it. No tests , no paperwork, just a simple "how's everything going?"
  5. And how did they inform you that you needed to report? Or did they just randomly come to your house?
  6. Did they tell you you needed to report by like phone or a letter? Or did they just randomly cpme to your house?
  7. They never came over , I went there or would get calls
  8. You'll be fine. I was on unsupervised probation for 3 years. At the very beginning, I went in for an evaluation to make sure I wasn't an addict. I proceeded to tell the person doing the evaluation that I smoke everyday and enjoy it. I told him the full truth. I told him I was quitting because I was on papers and didn't want any further legal issues (I had quite about 3-4 weeks prior to our first meeting in anticipation of this). Guy concluded that I did not have a problem and said as long as I pissed clean for him right then, I would not have to pee or anything. Just report once every few months when called, to make sure I was still taking care of my stuff. After that, I think I saw my probation officer, maybe, 5-6 times in the next 3 years. Didn't have to piss again after the first evaluation. 
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    I had unsupervised three times in NC, got in trouble for weed during the first one, then got a DWI during the second one (for pot) and for the DWI i had another year of unsupervised probation (and 'pot treatment' classes). Luckily I have grown up and stopped getting into trouble for stupid shit that I could have avoided.
    Anyways I smoked throughout the whole process and didn't get tested a single time. Even during the DWI classes...
  10. Here in arkansas there is probation, limited probation (visit every 3 months) and unsupervised probation...annual visits. Each advancement requires on to have satisfied your PO . I got 4 yrs probation...I went monthly for about 3 months, and was 100% compliant. I then went on "limited" probation...a visit every 3 months. I am still on limited although my PO told me last week that she has applied for "unsupervised" probation which needs to be approved. These are annual visits with as far as I know no suprize calls for pee tests. Just do NOT fuck up and get caught for anything or it will be revolked. The catch is I have already done 2+ years of probation. I have not been arrested, not failed a pee test, never missed an appointment, and have done some volunteer community service. I will speak with my lawyer Monday but fro what I have read..and please READ up on your state....I am eligible to have my probation terminated and criminal record expunged. Every state is different. Some states only require the petitioner to write a "letter" to the judge that sentenced you explaining how you have been a good boy, have learned your lesson, will not participate in illegal activity ever again and have a "good reason" for asking...such as "I cannot get a job because no employer will hire me within my skill set because of a criminal record....or"I am on unemployment, I am costing my beloved state money when I could be contributing to the welfare of the state with a decent job and paying taxes" or any other numerous reasons. Other states (like mine) require an actual hearing with the sentancing judge and the prosecuting attny that charged you. This CAN be done without a lawyer although everything I have read about this suggests a lawyer is very benificial in the process. The key to getting your probation terminated early is your PO. If the probation officer has no opposition then your odds are good. If all fines are paid, the PO has no problem with it and you have a good reason get a lawyer, file for early termination and get rid of it for good.

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