Unshaved... Help :(

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  1. Well, a girl ive been wanting to see for a long time (she was on vacation) Met beginning of summer been talking since.

    Went over to hers last nite, things got heated :cool:, i reached down then BAM
    i felt pubes :eek:
    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOZZZZZZZ, well honestly im just not sure what to make of it.

    I really dont think im keen on eating out some hairy muff :(

    You guys think i can somehow break this to her subtly, shes a virgin btw, and pre innocent... TILL NOW :devious:
  2. How old are you, lol?
  3. whats the terrain lookin like are we talking grassy plain or more of a dense thicket?
  4. Bang her once with her bush but shave yers. Maybe shell catch on? And its better than eating out a chick with pieces of snatch paper ( pieces of toilet paper in her snatch)
  5. She's a virgin and all you care about is getting her to shave? Weird.
  6. I dont even think Dora the explorer has been through this harsh terrain
  7. ^ yea seriously as long as you like her and she's clean what's the big deal? I never understood this. I've been with guys who wouldn't touch me if a had a little stubble lol. Its so childish. Imo, if I were going down on a girl as long as they were trimmed I wouldn't cared.
  8. No! Don't listen to them! You can't just go down on a hairy muff...better send her to me, I'll take care of the situation..'cuz I'm just a nice guy. No need to thank me - its just part of being a superhero.
  9. Bro, is this seriously an issue? SERIOUSLY?

    Do you like her? If so, then whats the problem. If some bush is this much of a deal breaker how much could you like her in the first place?
  10. idk about you bro but i don't wanna be lookin' down every time only to wonder to myself how old the chick is
  11. i can understand if it's a jungle bush. i'll still do it regardless but im not really a fan. a nice little trimmy trimmy trim does the job. buttt the girl in question is a virgin? smash that shit bruh who cares.
  12. If this really is an issue for you, then you obviously don't like her.
  13. i had a friend who wouldn't eat a pussy if there was any amount of hair down there. could have smelled and tasted bad been oozing, w/e.

    trim that shit when she's sleeping.
  14. The trippy thing is... shes only 8
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    Lol damn I can't stop laughing haha
  16. i think unshaved girls are disgusting atleast trim that shit god thats nasty BUT she is a virgin go pound that shit just.. dont put your face down there i think i might only eat it if shes a virgin + clean as fuck its not like theres an easy way around this chicks are annoyingly senstive sometimes can you picture having a good time if you ever tell her "hey could you shave or trim your garden?" nah dont think so she'll be pissed/embarresed/plain old shocked gl bro
  17. don't eat it, just fuck it bro
  18. How do you know she is trimmed? He never said.

    Trimmed is fine. A bush is not. I don't want to lick a hairy pussy any more than I want to lick the top of her head. Hair in my mouth and pubes rubbing all over my face is not pleasant and not sexy.

    Besides, nothing drives me crazier than a woman who will waste half a day doing her hair and makeup but won't take the time to shave or trim her pubes.
  19. Man up and take advantage of the organic dental floss.

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