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unreliable dealers

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Jvault tolks Os, May 23, 2010.

  1. my dealer is really annoying me.... i called him last night at 9 pm and he said that he didnt have a ride and hit me up later.... i waited till 12, no call. now i called him around 8:30 pm and he said he'd hit me up, called him again at 9:40ish, and he said he was in a conversation....

    im about to call him again.... any advice?
  2. Quit being so stingy.
  3. Advice? Put down the phone.

    You're just going to piss him off. Do you want people repeatedly bugging you when you're in the middle of doing shit? You called him twice, give it a rest until tomorrow.
  4. Good advice , he will call when he has the time or needs the money.

  5. yeah the only thing is hes only here for weekends and as of now my only connect.... he will be leaving tomorrow
  6. My advice: chill out
    dealers have lives of their own outside of slinging trees. if you are tired of him not getting back to you, find someone else. its their loss if you buy from a different guy. if you can't find someone else, then quit bitching.
  7. You gotta remember that dealers are human beings just like you are, and they actually do things other than selling weed. If you already called him that many times, just wait until he calls you and it will be straight, he is probably getting even more pissed off at you than you are at him for bugging the hell outta him. Just chill out and give it a little.
  8. I hate unreliable dealers!

  9. Do you mean clingy? OP, I know exactly what you're going through. That's why I fucking hate buying from dealers, they're too unreliable. I understand that they have lives, too, but the fact is that they're still unreliable. I COULD go to the projects and buy easily 24/7, but I choose to not take that risk (however small it may be).
  10. Id just get off his case a little bit. The only thing worse than an unreliable dealer is a pissed off unreliable dealer....not that your guy is unreliable but he doesnt exactly sound reliable.
  11. You are just annoying. Text him, and tell him to call or text you when he wants to deal. If he bitches about him having to call you, beat the shit out of him and find another dealer. (im kidding about beating him up. dont do it.)
  12. for the most part don't bug him. he's either gonna call you back or not.
    when you call him its just getting on his nerves. he didn't forget about you
    maybe call him back once and be like let me know or ill just go somewhere else
    if that doesn't get the ball rolling he probably wasn't gonna bother with you anyway
    one last piece of advice, find more than one dealer.
  13. welcome to the black market, dude.
    Unless your dealer is a good friend, people are more likely to NOT get back to you after they say they will then they actually will.

    Not sure if that makes sense, but I hope you know what I mean.
  14. The longer u smoke weed, the more you realize that almost every dealer is unreliable. You gotta remember that they prolly get their phone blown up all the time and will hit u up when its convenient for them. Callin all the time will make them not wanna do u favors. Just call once and after that text him to call u, he'll get back to u when he gets back to u regardless
  15. yeah i've found that out which is why you gotta have more than one expecially if most of them are assholes
  16. Most of the 'dealers' who are unreliable are not what I consider to be dealers really. Buying an ounce or QP and selling it off is barely dealing and that seems to be what most kids here think of as a 'dealer'.

    Real dealers are almost all reliable. It's their business to be.

    The older you get the more likely you'll be to find a reliable, professional dealer.
  17. yup i hear ya i remember trying to get some in high school and it was damn near impossible bu now i have some good ones and some bad ones ( I only use them when i 100% need to get it from them)

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