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Unreal purple Kush for free

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Airmax, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. A good friend of mine always exchange different nugs we get. So he came over and gave me a couple nugs of it and man is it some fire. Some of the best appeal I've ever seen with purple and green mix. But the candy smell and taste is what makes it:smoking: what do you guys think?

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  2. Another

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  3. WOW. That looks super dank man!
  4. Where is the purple? I've never seen purple weed before.
  5. Some good outdoor purps.

  6. Are you blind?
  7. Purple weed is the new trend for dank. hence the term purps... it's actually quite common in really dank buds. the purple is right there. if you don't see it you must be missing something, or you monitor is fucked
  8. Fo Freeeeeeeee?

    Nice buds!

  9. Lol yep thanks
  10. Got another bud of this

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  11. seen that shit b4...looks good smokes like mids. And you didnt get it for free stop trying to be cool, you sucked your boys cock for it.
  12. u couldnt be more wrong...stop smoking noob fucker:devious:
  13. Tell us how you really feel
  14. I think I was smoking some of that last week lol. It was veryyyy nice
  15. u slurped hot cum 4 it

  16. Lol alright loser I'm not the one bashing people on the Internet for no reason. And the shit you get must really suck if it smokes like mods cause this taste like grapes and had an amazing high. Also I did get it for free cause I actually have real friends loser have a nice day:)
  17. Daaamn, I've only gotten nug that purple once, it was pretty good stuff, hope your enjoying the smoke :D
  18. Those buds remind me of something I was told was Black Alaskan...

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