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Unpopular opinions.

Discussion in 'Planes, Trains & Automobiles' started by .AcidTrip., Dec 18, 2012.

  1. I'm pretty judgmental when it comes to cars and many people are, so what are your unpopular opinions?

    I think the corvette is one of the nastiest cars ever made and it only gets worse.
  2. I dis like the murdered out look. I dont mind a lot of black but for every single thing to be black is just awful.
  3. I think those new Fiat 500 cars are ugly as fuck and the Charlie sheen commercials don't make it look cool.
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    Every car manufacturer should offer AWD on every one of their cars as an option. Let em jack up the price for it, don't care... still offer it.
  5. FWD is of the devil. as is the automatic transmission.
  6. Agree about the corvette. Mustang sucks too.

  7. Agreed.

    I don't think super cars should be automatic.
  8. I fucking hate those commercials; seem to get the exact same one every 15 min on pandora.

  9. its almost the end of the world and you still dont use ad block?
  10. I think that new cars have way too many electronics and because of that, nobody knows how to control a car any more. They pretty much drive themselves, you just have to steer in the general direction you're heading.

    They say phones and shit are distracting, but so are those super bright 6" nav/entertainment system screens that constantly blind you at night. I shouldn't be able to read what song you're playing while I'm tailgating you because you're going 45 in a 60 because you're paying no attention to the road...
  11. AWD is a waste in any car not meant for offroading
  12. I'm assuming you don't live somewhere snowy...

  13. I live in the NorthEast brother, AWD is real nice in winter time.
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    Since I have literally no opinion on motor vehicles really...

    I'd have to say I do not think all forms of Pedophilia is wrong, and the age of consent should be significantly lower. Abuse laws should be far stricter though.

    EDIT: i was being deadly serious about this post but it appears i have gotten confused and this thread is about cars? maybe?
  15. Modern cars are shitboxes. They are plastic, generally lightweight bitchmobiles with little 4 or 6 cylinders that is like driving an arcade car, minus the fun. No soul. Oh you have a new Lowered Scion and think its badass an fast? Jump off a cliff. Henry ford and the like would be ashamed of the garbage all the automakers are putting out. Since when Is gas mileage supposed to be the selling point? A plus? Definitely. Top of the must have list? Please.

    And since when did popping the hood on a car and seeing a plastic engine cover with the carmakers emblem and engine type mean anything? You wouldn't want your girlfriend to wear a shirt that says "double D's" inside. You wanna see those puppies!


  16. i agree with most of this but you do realize lighter is better right? and new cars are significantly heavier than they were in the 80-90s.

    and with gas being really expensive it should be a selling point... but there needs to be more sporty front engine RWD cars being made.
  17. I hate Lamborghinis. I think they're ugly as sin.
  18. I like automatic.
  19. There should be a u turn light on cars

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