Unofficial stoner movie classics...

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    Get Him to the Greek.

    [ame=""]YouTube - 'Get Him to the Greek' Trailer[/ame]

    This movie is an entire mind fuck. Read the title. It has nothing to do with the movie.

    The title has everything to do with the movie?! Fat kid needs to get performing junkie to perform at the Greek...? Atleast, that's what happened when I saw it.

  3. Haha, yeah, I was too stoned to catch that bit. :p
  4. Uh so whats the point of this thread? Haha i would contribute "Office Space", but i really don't know what your aim was here...:confused:
  5. Well we all know what an official Stoner Classic is, he is talking about those who are great, just havent received the praise it deserves.

    I nominated Orgazmo & BASEketball
  6. "thats not a joint....this is a joint"
  7. No one can be afraid of Jeffrey he's just that old bloke that lives down the street.

    I submit Zombieland, and Scott Pilgrim to the list.

    Zombieland because it is funny and awesome. Scott Pilgrim because of all the random visuals and references to stuff.
  8. How High.
  9. A clockwork orange
  10. You guys I'm pretty sure OP means movies that aren't already widely recognized as being good stoner movies.

    Clockwork Orange and How High come up all the time.

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