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  1. so i was chillin at my house after school and i decide to light up, and i get the munchies like crazy so im shoveling food down, i think i had like 3 bowls of rice krispie cerial( with a shitload of sugar and cinnamon sugar) 2 hotpockets, ramen noodles, 2 grilled cheese and a ton of mountain dew, so after all of this about an hour later my heart starts going crazy like its beat 5 times per second and i am like walking around and im like holy fuck im gonna die so i walk downstairs and just puke all that shit up and im still like im gonna die holy shit so i just go upstairs and lay down.

    you guys got any crazy high stories?
  2. So, you ate a lot and threw up? Bet that wasnt too fun. Ha

    I have eaten a shit load before but never thrown up.
  3. yeah dude i just have never eaten that much lol and that was the worst high ive ever had i hope i dont have any more like that
  4. ive never had a bad high lol when my heart starts pumping hard itk inda entertains me but my crazyiest high story is this. i was at popeys with my cousin and his friends and i had a j with me. cousins friends were kinda weird and boring so i figured eh this might be my only chance for fun today lol. so i went in the bathroom and toked the joint up and came out BLASTED! but then i noticed nobody was at my table. i look out and the car was gone! :mad: so then 1 of the people that work there comes at talks to me and says "they said call a taxi" and i didnt know wtf he was talkin about at the time but later i found out my cousin knew him and then he was like "dont worry they will be back" so i just chilled outside and i didnt know weather i should call the taxi or not cus i didnt understand what the guy was tryin to tell me yet xD then my cousin and friends pull up so i walk up to the car and try to open the door and they floor it and i was like dude wtf is happening!?!?! lol so then i try again and the back up and i got pissed and chased the car then i got in and he floored the car with my door still open and i bugged out cus i thought i was gunna fall out lol but it was a fun day after that :smoking:
  5. I have eaten so much to the point where I felt sick the next day. But damn thats a whole lot of food you ate. haha
  6. my craziest story sad to say isnt very crazy some of the events in it include: me coining the term i feel pretty and using it, sppining around to try and look at everything around me at the same time, my friend told me that pain is delayed and sort of nullified when ur real high so i punched myself in the face twice it felt funny at first but started to hurt a bit after and it really hurt when i sobered up and i tried to make a joke and it was so stupid it was funny and my pal chuckled not much at all and i looked at him and just went nuts laughing, to the point were i couldnt breathe
  7. High off what? Crack? :confused:
  8. lmao he prolly sprinkled crack on his bud :p jp
  9. no just weed it was my first time ever getting really high the strain was white widow so i had pretty good reason to be a bit goofy
  10. no offense but i would probably never wanna smoke with you if you get like that lol
  11. i was smokin joints with my buddies in my car just cruisin around my neighborhood
    we had just rolled up a fatty in one of those hempire papers that are like made with hemp and shit
    the j was passed over to me, but before it reached my lips i came to a stop sign with two cops with their lights on just kickin it there. they looked at me quite quizzically; at this point my car was FULL of smoke. i made a left turn and just bailed as quickly as i could

    then later that night this fucker in a mercedes is tailgating me for like 10 minutes on the freeway and i'm blitzed as fuck. so i change lanes and slow down to get next to him; lo and behold, he's got a 2 footer in between his legs and is just wavin at me and yelling something; this whole time smoke is just pouring out his cracked window in a steady stream and i can see lighters in the back seat being flicked

    i finally went home and this tv court show was on with this judge carrying a louisville slugger, and the person who loses the case gets like a bucket of anchovies dumped on their head... some random crazy shit. I bet you guys have a crazier story though.
  12. My second time getting high me and my mate had weed but no bong so we went to a liquor store to purchase a can to make a cannie. Anyways there was a bearded looking guy in a jag who said hi and said we could use one of his cans that he just bought. So we gets to his car in a deserted car park and start cracking open JD cans with this stranger.
    Anyways he goes in to his boot and gets a massive fuckin' knife and starts making a canny. Well he's like fuck your weed man I have the best weed in Australia, anyways we start smoking his stuff with Hendrix playing in the background and like 2 canny hits and me and my friend are like Fucked to the max I had to take my shoes off coz my toes felt like jelly. Anyway this guy turns crazy telling us he's meant to be in prison but he's on parole and how his Jaguars stolen and how he doesn't wash his hands after wanking.
    Anyways he invites us to his house my friends hella paranoid at this point saying no, so he starts getting angry and shouting at us and chasing us to the bus stop in his car and following the bus for ages.
    Anyways that was the last I saw of him, I have way better stories but that's my fave I could probs give you a story for everyone who posts on here.
  13. your heart probably went all crazy from the sugar and salt overload... that's fucking ridiculous man.
  14. shit, that's scary... :eek:

  15. haha yeah i know
  16. I was chilling with my homies and I smoked 2 spliffs 50% tobacco and 50% dank dank bud. I was spinning everywhere and I threw up 3 times, that killed the high and then I went to my room to sleep it off
  17. Me and a buddy went to another friends house and were smoking some bong. I took a massive hit and coughed my ass off but it wass some crazy shit we were smoking so that hit was enough to floor me since I was just a beginner in the time. Then we got in my buddy's car and drove to his house. I was just kinda following along because no one had told me what was going on. Then at his house they were taking a drumset up and putting it in the car. I literally stood there watching them do this for like 10 minutes cause I was so high and had no idea what the fuck was going on. After those 10 mins I finally came down enough to figure out what was going on and grabbed a cymbal and took it to the car but. Probably had to have been there...
  18. this isn't much of a story, but this happened just last night so i wanna share it.
    so i was way high last night, and i met up with some friends to hang out. one of my buddies proceeded to get extremely drunk (along with popping Robitussin, real stupid idea) and he was so far gone he had completely lost control. but at one point, me and my friends were walkin across a parking lot and my drunk friend starts sprinting towards this huge pile of dirt covered snow that was built up from snow plows throughout the winter. this pile was probably 9 feet high and 15 feet wide. my friend jumped on the pile of snow, and since it was covered in dirt, i was able to convince him that it was actually a pile of shit. he bought it for awhile, then he asked me what could possibly take a dump that large. i told him it was elephant crap and this time he believed me.
    a ton of other stuff happened, but i was too high to remember more. but if i do remember any other funny stuff, i'll be sure to post it :D
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    well, it was crazy, but not a fun crazy.

    my first time being high, i think i went a little overboard. on new years eve it was 5 of us and we had 8 huge bowls of some really good stuff. not sure what strain, but anyway, i was just chillin in a circle with all my friends talking and just being peaceful. i kept thinking my eyes were huge haha because they felt huge. then it was like BAM and i felt like i was dying. it felt like i was melting off the earth and no one was paying attention. i was crying and screaming "help me help me!" and they didn't even look at me! so i went to my friend's grandma, who gave us our weed (she is just like my grandma) and she sat with me and helped me feel better. i missed the ball drop :( but i was crying for the entire night. i thought for sure i was about to fade away.

    i asked my friends when were all sober the next day if they heard me screaming help me help me but they said i never said anything.

    i was scared shitless.
  20. yeah man something very similar happened to me, this one night i was hella ripped, I ate almost an entire box of captain crunch, half a bag of jalapeno chips, some reeses and nerds...after like an hour i was like.....OMG, ran to the bathroom and just puked a disgusting rainbow pukage into the sink.

    moral of the story is, dont eat so muchhhh food when high, or at least dont mix so many different foods

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